FAT300 Custom Cycles, Inc.

Learn how FAT300 Custom Cycles, Inc., a specialist retailer of components and accessories for custom sportbikes, migrated its slow, outdated Microsoft Access database to the latest MySQL version with the help of Hostek.com, taking its ColdFusion hosting package to its full potential - and increasing sales.

"I went to Hostek.com with a problem and they went above and beyond the call of duty. Not only did they uncover the root of the issue, but they also suggested a fix and implemented it without causing downtime. I couldn't be happier with the service I received."

George Hatziyianis
FAT300 Custom Cycles, Inc.

About FAT300 Custom Cycles, Inc.

Based in Florida, FAT300 Custom Cycles, Inc. (FAT300) evolved from owner George Hatziyianis' passion for custom bikes and first began offering specialty 300mm wide tires for a range of common sportbike types. Today, FAT300 is a leading retailer of custom-made sportbike accessories, ranging from foot pegs to triple trees, and provides expert rendering and installation services. Online, FAT300 serves customers worldwide and depends on ColdFusion web hosting with a reliable and fast database.

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Before Contacting Hostek.com for Help

A long-standing customer of Hostek.com's ColdFusion web hosting service, George Hatziyianis was pleased with the overall quality of his hosting. He had access to the various ColdFusion features he needed to do business, and routinely processed sales through his website with no significant issues. However, as FAT300 grew in popularity and attracted more traffic, Hatziyianis noticed that his website was not performing as well as it had in the past. Whenever users attempted to interact with his existing Microsoft Access-powered database, they were left waiting for their content to appear. Ordering became an increasingly time-consuming process, and Hatziyianis grew dissatisfied with his website's performance.

"I had no idea why performance was suffering and load-times were increasing," says Hatziyianis. "But I knew it wasn't good enough for my customers. FAT300 has always been focused on delivering the best customer service possible, and now some customers were reporting load-times of 25 to 30 seconds. The worst thing was that if people were giving up before their content loaded, I was losing money as a result. I needed somebody to help."

The Hostek Solution

Having received great customer service and technical assistance so far, Hatziyianis turned to Hostek.com for advice. Fortunately, the expert technical support team at Hostek.com quickly identified his Access database as the root of the problem and suggested moving to MySQL for improved compatibility and performance. Drawing on years of experience, Hostek.com offered to automate the entire process to protect his data and minimize service disruption.

"It all seemed so easy because the Hostek.com team clearly knew what they were doing," says Hatziyianis. "The best thing I can say is that Hostek.com gave me insight into why ColdFusion hosting and an Access database is not a great combination, and also showed me the potential benefits of moving to MySQL. The team understood how important my data is to me, took the time to understand my concerns, and gave me the confidence to go ahead with the migration - and I'm pleased I did!"

Following the change, FAT300 Custom Cycles, Inc. now runs on a MySQL database backbone, offering speed and scalability that Access could not provide. The migration was completed without causing any significant downtime or loss of earnings for Hatziyianis.

"I remember bracing myself for bad news when I learned a migration was necessary," recalls Hatziyianis. "It seemed inevitable that I would lose some data or experience some downtime. Neither of these things happened - Hostek.com simply did what they said they would, and delivered what I needed. The impact on the FAT300 website is incredible."

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FAT300 Custom Cycles, Inc. Results

In contrast to the 30-second load-times that Hatziyianis reported when using his Access database, every page of the FAT300 website now loads in 1 to 2 seconds. This improves the experience of existing customers looking to place new orders online, and also helps garner the trust of new visitors looking for a professional, reliable source of sportbike accessories. With the help of Hostek.com support, Hatziyianis can now use his ColdFusion web hosting plan to its full potential.

"FAT300 is getting bigger all the time," says Hatziyianis. "And that wouldn't have been possible with our slow database. I no longer feel embarrassed to send people to my non-responsive website, and we're handling masses of traffic without seeing performance drop at all. With the help of Hostek.com, I can give my customers the excellent service that they deserve, and my sales figures are better than ever."

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