Markat Inc.

Markat Inc.

Learn how Markat Inc.'s Market CC division, a thermal, dot matrix and inkjet hang tag provider for retail and resale applications, uses's fast, reliable technical support and web hosting services to keep their website online 24/7, saving thousands of dollars due to increased uptime and website performance.


"'s technical support track record has to be right up there in contention for Top Place. And I am including service on days, nights, and weekends. They get it fixed and it's fixed right every time."

Mark Walker, Owner

About Television Campaign was created to support businesses considering advertising on television. Potential TV advertisers can identify the TV Channels that their customers are watching and get a feel for the cost to advertise on these channels during the different times of the day. They can then request a TV plan and be contacted to discuss creative proposals for their TV advert.

About Markat CC

Markat CC provides thermal, dot matrix, and inkjet hang tags and labels for retail and resale applications to fit most any software used in point of sales (POS) today. Serving customers since 1990, Markat CC offers an extensive line of tags for software and printers. The company is open many times on weekends, holidays, and late hours to serve customers and expects the same from its web hosting provider.

Before Joining

Prior to using, Markat CC was using a well-known Boston, MA web hosting company. As the Boston web hosting company grew larger, it became careless, sloppy, and started utilizing overseas tech support. At one point, the Boston based web hosting company made an error, causing Markat CC’s website to be offline for six days. Additionally, the Boston web hosting company made a mistake and took down Markat CC’s SSL certificate. Clients could no longer securely place orders. Markat was down for 25 days and lost thousands of dollars in sales as a result of the errors.

"The previous web hosting company we used had the slowest tech support and they knew less about web hosting and site mechanics than we did,” says Mark Walker, owner of Markat CC. “It was extremely frustrating and the language barrier only added insult to injury. On one occasion, they made an error about the annual payment date on our account and zapped our site completely off the Internet. I mean our website was gone, disappeared without warning."

The Hostek Solution hosts two websites for Markat Inc., and, with many others coming on line in the near future. Both websites have been online 24/7 with few issues to date. Markat Inc. says their two websites have not been down for more than an hour or two and claim that's "EXCELLENT" by any web hosts' standards. Markat Inc. also says the American based tech support at really knows what they are doing and they waste no time doing it.

"Thanks to, we have not lost any sales due to haphazard mistakes or lack of tech support. All I have to do is send a quick email to [email protected] and honestly, my questions or issues are answered or repaired FAST!! If you have a shopping cart that earns money, is the ONLY dependable place to be. (I know I sound like a recording, but I mean it, is the only hosting company you should use!) is based on integrity with everything they do from providing high uptime, top-level American technical support, competitive prices, and no bonus charges on your credit cards. We highly recommend for web hosting services."

According to Markat CC, provides the "Cadillac Service" in terms of support response times, ability to fix issues when they arise, and overall perception of a hosting provider. In fact, Markat Inc. rates's support 5 stars and claims their support has never dropped below a 5 star rating.

" has its tech support in place. You can send an email to them and they are faster fixing it than if you telephoned them. I mean ZOOMING fast. I have not ever even had to call them. No arguments, no excuses, has fixed all our problems in record time and we have never paid an extra dime in support charges. If you buy a Cadillac, it's a quality product. If your Cadillac has a problem, they fix it, they know how to fix it fast, and the service lasts longer than the warranty. This describes the way we think of's service. "

Markat's Results

With's reliable web hosting services, top-notch tech support, and ability to offer "Cadillac Services" at affordable prices, Markat CC has not lost sales due to their website being down for days at a time. Markat Inc. runs and operates multiple websites and says they will continue using's valuable service to generate more revenue and build a higher standard level of service with their own ecommerce based websites and shopping carts.

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