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Learn how Seescape Media Solutions, a digital media company and web hosting reseller, improved their clients’ hosting experiences and increased revenue by offering’s ColdFusion hosting and Linux hosting solutions to clients.

"The level of service at has been excellent, quick courteous responses to any questions, allowing me to provide better services to my clients, resulting in an increase in revenue."

John Philpott
Seescape Media Solutions

About Seescape Media Solutions

Seescape Media Solutions provides website hosting (through, domain name registration, web design and development, and print design including set up of newsletters, brochures, business cards, banners and posters, and other digital media and marketing solutions to businesses of all sizes. Services Used

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Before Joining

Prior to using, Seescape Media Solutions used and recommended a variety of other web hosting companies to their clients. Over the course of time, problems began to appear as the support of the various hosting companies Seescape was recommending to clients would no longer be accessible. As a result, clients began calling Seescape directly asking for help.

When I first started in business I would provide a name of another hosting company to do the hosting for my clients websites,” says John Philpott, director of Seescape Media Solutions.“ However, anytime they had a problem they would always end up calling me instead of the hosting company as I was easier to get a hold of and since I designed the site they assumed I could look after the hosting problem they were having.

The Hostek Solution

No longer wanting clients to be frustrated with the hosting companies Philpott was recommending, he set out to find a web hosting company that could provide fast, reliable support to his clients and offer a ColdFusion hosting and Linux hosting solution that would enable Seescape to provide hosting services directly to their clients.

Since the company they [our clients] hosted with seemed to be so difficult to get a hold of I decided to look around for some other company to recommend. Many of my sites use ColdFusion so it was important to find a good ColdFusion hosting provider. As I searched for a company I came across and was particularly interested in the fact they offered not only a reseller package but they offered a Ministry hosting package as well.

Support is a crucial element with hosting companies today. Impressed with the speed responds to Philpott when he has questions, he notes there was one time when he was on the phone with a client who had a number of questions and as they [Philpott and client] spoke, he emailed with one of the questions and received the answer before the conversation with the client had ended. According to Brian Anderson, CEO of,’s average support response time is consistently 15-20 minutes.

I have often appreciated the help that has offered in trying to solve some issues which go beyond what would be expected of a hosting company. E.g. recommending shopping carts, suggestions for fixing some code on a site etc.’s support services, expertise in the field, and pricing are the driving forces behind my decision to continue using their hosting products and services.

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Seescape Results

Seecape’s clients have been happy with the hosting services provided by Having the fast, responsive technical support of behind Seescape and their clients has helped Seescape increase revenue, making it easier for Seescape to provide reliable hosting services on an ongoing basis.’s fully featured control panel and fast response times has helped Seescape offer better hosting services to clients resulting in more revenue.

By using’s ColdFusion reseller hosting plans and Linux reseller hosting plans, I can quickly create accounts, setup emails, add databases, and upload client websites.’s reseller hosting plans allow me to earn additional revenue by providing hosting services directly to Seescape clients. And since provides a great control panel with their reseller hosting plans, I can setup websites and create database connections without having to contact’s support team. However, they have always been available to me when needed for those times when I need guidance and advice from’s expert support technicians.

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