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MySQL23 Server Issues

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

At about 7:05 PM a single one of our shared database servers (MySQL23) experienced an issue that resulted in our MySQL/MariaDB administrators having to work towards importing a backup of every database on the server from the backup restore point last taken (4:00 PM CST).

A great number of databases have already finished this process and are working as expected (read and write access), which has brought the websites using these databases back to functional form. For the databases that haven't finished processing, we ask that you give this a little more time, as these should be completed soon and fully accessible.

We do recommend that for any sites that are mission-critical to be hosted on our dedicated cloud server environment. We offer single server, multi-server, and enterprise solutions including Geo Load Balanced and Geo-Failover environments.

We will update this status once we confirm all databases have been completed successfully.