3 Reasons Windows VPS is the Best Hosting Environment

windows vps

Windows VPS may be the perfect hosting environment for your business. Reliable CPANEL VPS hosting can be the solution that you have been searching for. Most websites start out on a shared platform, but as you grow, you may need to make changes.

Transitioning from a shared hosting environment to a Windows VPS hosting environment is really a very natural progression. As your website grows, you need more control; VPS Windows hosting delivers that control and so much more.

A Brief Introduction

There are several different hosting environments. Shared hosting, dedicated hosting, and VPS (virtual private server) hosting. Shared hosting is when your websites share resources with other websites. Dedicated hosting means your website is the only site hosted by that server. VPS is essentially a hybrid of the two.

VPS hosting is on the same server as other websites; however, the resources are partitioned rather than shared. That means it is like having your own dedicated server without the cost of a dedicated server. In other words, it is the perfect happy medium. You get your own operating system and resources that are exclusively dedicated to your site without paying exorbitant costs.

A VPS server is more expensive than a shared server, but it is a lot less expensive than a dedicated server. Moreover, it comes with unique control benefits and security.

Why Is Windows VPS Hosting the Right Solution?

There are many reasons why businesses switch from shared hosting to VPS hosting. For example, you might switch because your site has grown, you are concerned about the security of the data, you are experiencing lags, or you would like more control over the resources.
Consider moving over to Windows VPS if you are experiencing any of the above. VPS hosting is a cost-effective solution, provides more control over resources, and offers a more secure environment. If your website has grown and shared hosting is simply not providing the environment that you need, continuing to pay for this type of hosting will no longer serve your needs. After all, the goal is to grow your website and your business. Paying a slightly higher cost for an environment that works for your needs is the smarter way to do business. And again, VPS is a lot less expensive than having your own dedicated server.

The Resource Drain Fix

Let’s say that one or more sites that you share hosting with all are enjoying sudden spikes in visitors. Those shared resources can really take a hit. You may find that your access to resources is limited. A Windows VPS takes that problem right off the table.

Premium Security

If protecting client data is a priority, Windows VPS is the solution. Having your data and apps isolated from other users can provide that added layer of security you need. With a shared plan, your site may suffer when another site on the server suffers an attack or security breach. With VPS hosting, your site is safe.

Easier Control

You get to control the entire partition with VPS Windows. This can be the ideal solution for your website needs and really put you in charge of the resources allocated.

Learn more about VPS and how it can help your website to thrive and continue to grow. Contact us today for further information.