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The Three Best Features of Railo Hosting Services

For many web developers, Adobe ColdFusion and the ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML) is the fastest and most efficient way to develop a new web application. From message boards, to content management systems, and even games, ColdFusion is a flexible platform that streamlines the creation of website content visitors love. ColdFusion is an excellent choice, but the development platform is designed with the majority of users in mind. In fact, ColdFusion combines ease of development with a robust and reliable platform. Although ColdFusion features are enough for most applications, there are some instances where developers need more control, more power, and...
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Utilizing Railo for Accelerated Application Development and Improved Performance

Railo appeared on the market as an excellent alternative engine for the ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML) and has proven itself a viable open source solution for rapid web application development. With performance and speed that rivals or beats Adobe ColdFusion, Railo boasts an impressive array of features that significantly increases developer productivity. Railo’s powerful integration capabilities and high compatibility with the CFML standard are sure to impress both new and seasoned web application developers alike. This article presents a brief overview of Railo, discusses what Railo can be used for, and explores the key features offered with Railo web hosting services.