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Linux VPS Hosting and the LAMP Stack

The type of content you offer your visitors will, in most cases, make or break your online success. Whether you run an online extension of your business, have an entirely Internet-based organization, or just want to build a community around a specific subject, it’s more important than ever to give visitors an experience, not just reading material. Many businesses who choose virtual private server hosting (VPS hosting) services for their website understand the importance of dynamic, database-driven content, the strain this content places on system resources, and how VPS hosting increases reliability by giving them dedicated hardware power. But choosing...
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What to Look for when Choosing a Linux Virtual Private Server Hosting Plan

Virtualization technologies have transformed the way we think about web hosting, by providing the power and flexibility that were once reserved to dedicated servers, without the substantial investment that is usually required to rent an entire server. By bringing down the costs of high-quality hosting services, virtual private servers (VPS) have made hosting web applications simpler and more accessible to everyone. VPS technology provides the ideal web hosting solution for professionals and small- to mid-sized businesses that cannot afford the luxury of paying large monthly fees on dedicated server hosting. But not all VPS plans are the same in terms...
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