Awesome - this has been the fastest and smoothest setup, including the DNS,the DSN, the FTP and even the nameserver transfer - I have 15 years ColdFusion experience so let me tell you I have seen a lot - this was excellent!

Marc Pinke

We signed up with Hostek two years ago and let me say it's been great. There support is nice. Some of my customers have already switched due to other hosting companies not being able to answer there basic questions.


I have been running webservers for 15 years. This is my first attempt at using a hosting company and I could not be more satisfied. The biggest compliment I can give is they listen and respond very quickly, I would recommend Hostek to anyone doing VPS or Shared Hosting. Thanks Guys

Steve Turner

I've been with Hostek for years and find the service reliable and tech support fast. I highly recommend them as a host for professional developers and novices.

Sarah Flashing, Et-elle.com

Im with Hostek from 2001 and always had a excellent service and fast. The support team is very good, and think that in future Hostek will be still better. From Spain (well Catalonia) I always recommend Hostek.

Sergi Sanchez

Hey you guys are awesome. Thank you so much Brian, just amazing how one misplaced line of code can hold a whole person up. Needless to say I am cheesing right now. Thanks for taking the "Time" and "Wanting" to find the problem and resolve it, Your findings and fixing the problems for me has made me respectful to you and your team and please let them know that. I am very happy I came on board because no other company would really help me. It really wasn't hard to fix and I have learned something. You didn't let me give up and I would recommend others to your site.

Jesse C.

Hostek is hands-down the best hosting service I've ever worked with. No matter what time of the day, or what my issues are, Hostek has been RIGHT THERE to solve them for me.

Thomas Bertino

Absolutely the best hosting company my company has dealt with. We have been in business 10 years and have hundreds of clients that we have moved from hosting provider to hosting provider because they all get slow, start having issue, and support never is great. Hostek far exceeds our expectations. The support is quick, they always find a solutions to meet our needs, and everyone there seems knowledgeable. The servers are also extremely fast.

Adam Luz

ServiceRelated.com loves Hostek.com. You guys have been a great solution for our Coldfusion hosting needs. We are utilizing CF with Hostek and are very pleased with the solid Cold Fusion hosting solution and the rapid support that we receive. Thanks guys. Keep it up.


I've said it before, I'm saying it again. You guys are the best! I've dealt with other hosting companies so I can compare. Your tech support is prompt, courteous, and thorough.