Frequently Asked Questions

VPS (Virtual Private Servers)

The number of domains you can use on a VPS is determined by many factors such as:

  1. CPU and Ram
  2. How active the sites are
  3. Number of sites on the server

Having more CPU and Ram is best, up to a certain point.

If the site is active we would recommend using CloudFlare's CDN (Content Delivery Network). This will reduce resources on your VPS.

The more sites you put on a VPS, the busier it can be. For any serious site, we suggest starting at least at the Silver level. If you will be developing on the VPS for an extended time before you go live, then start with the Starter if you want; just remember the Silver or Business will offer better performance.

Hostek has chosen to focus on providing the absolute best in Business application hosting.

Therefore, to protect and provide the best for our business customers, Hostek does not provide hosting for game servers.

The common web related ports such as web, SSL, FTP, and email are opened by default. The ports for RDP, MySQL, and MS SQL ports are restricted for security purposes but can be opened for external access within your WCP panel on Windows-based VPS's.

We suggest only opening these ports to specific IP addresses that are known and can be trusted.

If you have a custom application that needs a non-standard port opened, please create a support ticket and ask that the IP address of your VPS be placed in our less restrictive perimeter firewall group. You can then enable the port within your Windows Control Panel.


Greylisting is one of the top methods for fighting spam. While it may initially seem like an inconvenience, it is really a great tool for spam prevention.

What greylisting does is the first time an email address sends you an email, it will bounce it back and tell the sending server to try again in a few minutes. Most spam will not be retried, which is the huge benefit of greylisting. Then once the good mail server retries, your mail server sees the mail as being good and adds it to a database so that future email from that sender is no longer greylisted and is allowed right through the normal spam checking channels.

We do offer bulk mail out solutions on a rare case basis.

If you bought a mailing list, no, we do not offer a solution for you as that is not a good mailing list.


Yes. With both our WCP/MochaPanel and with cPanel you can choose whether to give your customers access to the control panel.

With WCP/MochaPanel you can also give them access, but limit their access to only certain parts of the control panel.

This is possible, but only with a VPS. With our traditional Reseller plans, this is not feasible. However, with running your Reseller account on a VPS, this is doable.

A payment gateway is not provided, but we recommend you use WHMCS to manage your customers and billing. WHMCS integrates with many payment gateways like PayPal most likely your local bank's merchant program which you may already have. We have instructions on integrating with WHMCS and can help you get started with this if needed.

Yes. With our ColdFusion reseller plan, you can add ColdFusion, Windows or cPanel/Linux accounts within the same plan. Each domain is priced on a tier based on the number of domains. As you add domains, the price per domain goes down.

Control Panels (WCP, MochaPanel, & cPanel)

Yes. With our WCP/MochaPanel control panel, you can create a user with limited access. You can find instructions including how to create a new user and how to use the limited permissions checkbox section to control what access that user has by clicking the link below.

Adding Additional Control Panel Logins

To create a user for your developer (with limited access if you so choose), follow the link below to view the wiki article which includes steps on creating a new user. You can use the limited permissions checkbox section to control what access the user has.

Adding Additional Control Panel Logins


Click the link below to view the wiki article which contains details on how to connect to a MySQL server.

MySQL Remote Access


Click the link below to view the wiki article which contains details on how to connect to a MS SQL server.

Connecting to MS SQL Databases


To update your credit card you will need to log-in to your client billing area. Once logged in, left click "Billing" then choose "Manage Credit Card" from the drop-down box options. Enter the card information then left click "Save Changes". If you need a password reset you can request a new one at the URL mentioned above.

We do offer Annual billing cycles for all hosting plans except the Reseller Hosting packages, as the Reseller plans are billed monthly based on the number of domains on the account.

If you would like to switch to an Annual billing cycle please submit a ticket to our billing department. Be sure to include the domain you would like to switch to the Annual cycle as well as the answer to your Security Question for verification.

Yes, you will receive a pro-rated refund if you have already paid for an Annual billing cycle. If you currently have a monthly billing cycle, your account will be credited, upon request, for the unused portion once the VPS has been ordered.

For all pro-rated refund request, please submit a ticket with your request to our billing department.

Yes, we currently offer Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual and Annual billing cycles for all Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting services.

If you would like to change your billing cycle please submit a ticket to our billing department.

Monthly billing cycles are the only option for our Reseller plans as the service is billed each month based on the number of domains listed on the account. If you would like to pay in advance, we do offer the option to 'Add Funds' to the account. How this works is we will generate an invoice for you to add a credit to the account so that the invoice will be paid automatically each month using the account credit. We can generate the 'Add Funds' invoice for the dollar amount of your choice.

Yes, you can do so if you are paying the invoice via Credit Card. You may contact our billing department Monday-Friday 9 a.m - 5 p.m Central Time to update the credit card information over the phone.

You can request a password reset from the login page of the client billing area

If you cannot remember the answer to your security question you can email [email protected] , using the email address on file for alternative verification. Once the account if verified we will be able to send you a new password.

To change your security question you will need to log in to your billing control panel . Once logged in, please click on the drop down box where it says "Hello, [Name]" and click the link "Update Your Details", you can then click Security Settings and change your security question.

To add a new email account, please log-in to your billing control panel and left click where it says "Hello, [Name]". You will then choose 'Contacts/ Sub-Accounts' from the drop-down box options. Click "Add New Contact" from the "Choose Contact" drop down box. You will then be able to select permissions for the new 'Sub-Account'.

We accept the following payment methods:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • PayPal
  • Checks in US$ (Annual Payments Only)
  • BitCoin (for established accounts only, upon approval)

When paying by check (Annual billing only) be sure to reference either the domain name or invoice number (preferrably both). You can send the Mail in Payment to the address below:
P.O. Box 701048
Tulsa, OK 74170

Domains (Registration & Contacts)

The system creates the invoice for renewal automatically 14 days prior to the due date. You can either wait for the invoice and renew at that time or you can follow the steps below and renew before the invoice is generated.

Log in to your client billing area . Once logged in go to 'Domains' > 'Renew Domains' and check the box next to the domain/domains you wish to renew then click 'Order Now'.

Here is a link to a wiki article with details on how to update the domain registration contact details:

How to Edit Domain Registration Contact Details


With our Windows based ColdFusion plans, HTML, PHP and .NET are all supported.

With our Linux/cPanel based ColdFusion plans, HTML and PHP are supported.


Yes, all of our ColdFusion hosting plans support PHP.