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Learn how Evantec, a business consulting company specializing in change management, learning solutions, and technology enablement, migrated its virtual private server (VPS hosting) to to reduce costs and improve customer service.

"We received excellent service from The company was responsive and proactive before, during, and after the migration, providing us with excellent support to help us move our VPS. Being with allows us to reduce costs and resolve issues faster. Ultimately, the move was worry-free and freed us up to improve our level of service to clients and focus on what we do as a business - rather than focusing on our VPS."

Alexandra N. Ryan, Vice President: Change and Learning

Founded in 1997 by Paul Bogner, Evantec Corporation is a privately held corporation based in Newport Beach, CA. The company provides business consulting services, including custom learning solutions to Fortune 500 clients.

One division of Evantec, Evantec Services, offers learning portals, learning management, and custom e-learning to meet the needs of corporate audiences. These solutions are designed to make learning accessible, facilitate change, and improve retention in a training scenario.

In addition, Evantec Lab Supply distributes laboratory consumables to public health organizations and private laboratories in the 12 Western states. With a range of more than 5,000 consumables available, the Evantec Lab Supply website ( is an essential showcase for these products.

Evantec has been online since 2000. Across both divisions of Evantec, the company uses its VPS hosting service to provide a point of access for potential and existing customers, while hosting learning materials.

One of Evantec's main goals is to provide clients with valuable learning resources, many of which are served online. If these resources become unavailable as a result of web hosting issues, Evantec fails to deliver the products and services its clients depend on.

Prior to joining, Evantec could not depend on its VPS hosting provider to respond to requests for support. The initial migration to the company's former hosting provider was lengthy and unsupported by the vendor. In addition, when problems occurred with the performance of Evantec's virtual server, there was little confidence that their hosting provider would correct the issue as a matter of priority.

Finally, Evantec's previous hosting provider went out of business, leaving the company in the difficult position of finding a quality hosting provider quickly.

"Our problems had been mounting up, but we knew the complexity of migrating to a new hosting company," says Alexandra N. Ryan, Vice President of Change and Learning at Evantec. "Eventually, we had no choice. Our hosting provider went out of business and gave us less than 30 days notice of server shutdown. We had to find a new VPS hosting provider fast, but were determined to find one we could rely on."

Ryan and her team reached out to their colleagues for advice and support. They soon received a personal recommendation from Dunkirk Systems, who suggested Ryan explored the website and was impressed with what the company offered.

" was an attractive solution," says Ryan. "They offered VPS hosting at an ideal price point. Most importantly, the company had been in existence for some time, and that assured me of its long-term viability." has been in business since 1998. In the years since, the company has built a reputation for high-performance hosting services, alongside award-winning customer service. Even though Evantec handled the majority of its own migration, the company benefited from's customer service as soon as the process began.

"Any time we ran into issues, we received a virtually immediate response," says Ryan. "We also received calls nearly every other day during the busiest portion of our migration to check-in and make sure we had everything we needed. is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and helped us before, during, and after the migration."

Today, Evantec no longer worries about the stability and performance of its VPS hosting plan. Issues are infrequent, and when they arise, they are resolved expediently by the support team. With taking responsibility for Evantec's hosting needs, Ryan and her team can concentrate on serving customers.

" is a professional and accountable VPS hosting provider," says Ryan. "The company provides us with timely information and assistance, which reduces the time required of our Web Services Manager and CTO to address and resolve issues. Above all else, when promised something, it was delivered: a reliable VPS and responsive technical support. I would wholeheartedly recommend"

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