7 Reasons to Choose Hostek.com


Better Service

Every host claims to have great customer service. Like Hostek, some of them deliver on that promise, and that drives us to provide even better service every day.

One customer told us recently... "Everyone says they have great customer service. I took my chance with Hostek, and now that I have experienced your service, I wouldn't trade it for anything." Hearing comments like that daily encourages our support team to continually provide true awesome support!

Price and Performance Guarantee

whychoose For our Business level VPS, Silver and Business level VDS customers, we offer a price and performance guarantee. At these levels, you are showing that you are truly interested in your sites performance. We are truly interested in your sites performance too, and know that based on our experience and infrastructure, we can provide you increased savings and/or increased performance.

Happy customers are often telling us how we helped them save money and receive improved performance and reliability. At the levels mentioned above, if you let us know in advance via a consulation, your situation and performance indicators, and give us a chance to improve your situation, we offer a 200% guarantee. We will refund 100% of your first month and provide an additional 100% credit on your account if we fail to improve your situation.

What about the lower level VPS/VDS packages? We are confident in these packages too. However, due to the man-power involved in delivering our price and performance guarantee, we have limited the guarantee to those customers showing they really understand their hosting situation.

We are 100% confident we can provide you better hosting, better service and a better value.

Enterprise Grade Storage

whychoose Storage is a key component of your site. There are multiple tiers of storage from consumer grade to server grade, and then there is Enterprise grade. Enterprise is a grade used to describe implementations used by the largest companies in the world. Hostek has invested heavily into our storage infrastructure and is proud to base our storage on Dell's Compellent storage.

Enterprise grade storage has advanced redundancy features that go beyond simple RAID configuration, as well as enhanced performance features and monitoring/management to ensure optimal health of the storage environment.

Enterprise Level Virtualization Via vmWare

whychoose There are two types of Virtualization products. Open source and commercial products. While we support many open source products, having your mission critical server powered by the industry leader in virtualization, which offers 24/7 support, is why vmWare is used by 100% of Fortune 100 companies.

In a hosting environment, the virtualization controls a vast majority of the infrastructure. If a problem arises, it's great to know 24/7 support for the virtualization software is just a phone call away. Contrast that to open source virtualization options, which relies on the community for answers. The open source option is a great option in some scenarios. However, in everything we do, we utilize the best option available. In the virtualization realm, vmWare is the superior option which ties in with our "Being the Best" mentality.

Continually New Hardware - 100% Dell Servers

Never get stuck with outdated servers again. We are continually adding new Dell servers, with the latest and fastest CPUs available. Over the years, we have used various server vendors. From our experience, Dell servers have provided the best performance and reliability. Therefore, for many years now, we have launched only 100% Dell servers.

With our virtual environment, we are able to continually keep your site or VPS on the latest hardware so you can rest assured your server has a solid and seamless hardware upgrade path without requiring any down time.

True A and B Power - In Addition To Generator Power

whychoose Power is expensive. To control costs, some hosts only have an "A" power source backed by generator power. That type of setup is fine in some scenarios where high availability is not required. However, we know that we must provide the highest level of availability. Each of our data center locations (two locations in the USA) has unique separate power feeds into the building and each piece of equipment is powered by each feed respectively.

If one of the power feeds goes down, our second power feed assumes all the power needs and the generator never needs to provide power. The data centers are also ready to go with stand-by diesel generator power if the need arises.

Backups - Included and Offsite

Backups are generally provided for shared and reseller hosting accounts across the industry. However, in the VPS and Virtual Dedicated Server sections, in most cases this is an optional add-on. With our "Being the Best" mentality, we feel backups are a critical piece to your peace-of-mind.

Hostek actually provides two types of backups. The first is a replication. By replication, what that means is we auto replicate your files to an exact storage replica. Why is that important? What if the primary storage had a problem? The chances of that is extremely low, but what if. We have your data auto replicated to separate storage just in case. Another hidden benefit for you!