Customer Testimonials

I've been with Hostek for years and find the service reliable and tech support fast. I highly recommend them as a host for professional developers and novices.
Sarah Flashing,
Hey you guys are awesome. Thank you so much Brian, just amazing how one misplaced line of code can hold a whole person up. Needless to say I am cheesing right now. Thanks for taking the "Time" and "Wanting" to find the problem and resolve it, Your findings and fixing the problems for me has made me respectful to you and your team and please let them know that. I am very happy I came on board because no other company would really help me. It really wasn't hard to fix and I have learned something. You didn't let me give up and I would recommend others to your site.
Jesse C.
Thanks for the follow-up to check back with me. I work as a help desk engineer... and this is the kind of support every support orginization should strive for. This is the kind of support that will make me keep my site with you for years to come.
Excellent! I have been a web designer ever since there were web designers. I have been through a lot of hosting companies and was so frustrated that I set up my own web server. I was completely happy with that for the last 4 years. However, now that my customer base has grown and the sites I host have become more popular, I was in need of much more bandwidth than my local ISP could offer. After 2 horrible experiences with hosting, I came across HOSTEK. I did a little digging and of all the hosting companies I checked out, Hostek was the only one I found that offered the features I needed AND had an A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau Online. So I gave them a shot. After only dealing with Hostek for 2 hours, I was impressed with the extremely quick tech service I received as well as the super user friendly hosting control panel. Within 3 hours all my sites were moved over and working (it took longer than that just to talk to a live person at one of the other hosting companies.)KUDOS to Hostek and Thanks
I believe with out a doubt this is the best web hosting company I have ever used. You are very nice, courteous, and go out of your way to help people out. Keep up the good work.
Each time I have needed your help with my website/e-mail everyone has been extremely patient & helpful. My business belongs to you guys.
Awesome - this has been the fastest and smoothest setup, including the DNS,the DSN, the FTP and even the nameserver transfer - I have 15 yearsColdFusion experience so let me tell you I have seen a lot - this was excellent!
Marc Pinke
Just want let you know that we compared your hosting to where it currently is, and yours was consistently over 10x faster (even on the $5 account). My client was very pleased.
Brian Petti
You guys never cease to amaze me at how great your customer service is. Keep up the good work, this is what a hosting company SHOULD be!
Im with Hostek from 2001 and always had a excellent service and fast. The support team is very good, and think that in future Hostek will be still better. From Spain (well Catalonia) i always recommend Hostek
Sergi Sanchez
I am a full time graphic designer and developer in my day job and I run my own development firm in the evenings. I just wanted to let you know how much of a great job you guys are doing. Coming from a guy who is primarily a Coldfusion developer, it is really REALLY hard to find a reliable and easy to use solution to meet my clients hosting needs.Not only are you guys affordable, but your user interface dashboard is incredibly intuitive and makes setting up database structures and datasources a snap!Also, when I have a client who wants something other than Coldfusion, you guys deliver with robust setups in PHP and NOTE: You guys happen to be one of the only hosts that actuallystay current with your Wordpress versions. I've had to transfer 3clients from other hosts over to you guys. Just for the simple reasonthat they did not support the latest version of Wordpress, so cudos!You guys really deliver a great solution with no downtime and is verymuch appreciated! In a field where my integrity rides on how well aclients website performs, I am happy to have such a reliable sourcebacking me up every step of the process. Thank You!You guys are still the best host out there, and trust me I've workedwith A LOT of crap hosts!
Tyler Jones
You all are fast! One more reason that I will refer all my friends to you!!!
I have been doing business with other hosting providers for years. Hostfolio is by far the best. Their Support team is great and they respond very very fast to all my inquiries. They get 5 stars from me and 2 thumbs up.
Hamlet Javier
Thank you You guys are awesomeThank you You guys are awesome. I have been with you guys for several years now and I have never had any issues. Some friends of mine suggested another service because they are "Cheaper". Well after checking out their prices and such they are technically cheaper for the same amount of options, however this is where they lack. When I talked to my friends about the type of one on one service and how you guys prompt are they could not compare. When I told them how end-user friendly you guys are they could not compare. Keep up all the great work and give the whole team a pat on the back. I know that I am a small customer but you guys have always treated me like a big account. In today's time this is what will set you apart from the other "Cheaper" guys. I will continue to promote you to them and I know that as soon as their contract is up many will switch. Cheers Leonard E Becker III CompTIA Security+, A+
Hey... I must say, if this kind of service keeps up, I wont know how to cope... I am used to having to beg, remind, beg some more - the whole 9 yards. Thanks!!!
I have never had such great and fast support from any other service provider! Each time I placed a support ticket, it was resolved in a flash! I am actively advertising your server to every one I talk to who is looking for a hosting service!
Pat D.
Absolutely the best hosting company my company has dealt with. We have been in business 10 years and have hundreds of clients that we have moved from hosting provider to hosting provider because they all get slow, start having issue, and support never is great. Hostek far exceeds our expectations. The support is quick, they always find a solutions to meet our needs, and everyone there seems knowledgeable. The servers are also extremely fast.
Adam Luz
I've been very impressed with the services you have provided me with so far. As far as I know, my e-mail or web hosting has not gone down at all since I signed up. I want to commend you on the job you all are doing and thank you for running a first-rate hosting service.
People are always willing to speak up when it comes to bad service, but few do when it comes to good! Let me just say that so far my experience with your company have been nothing but outstanding! Extremely quick support those guys deserve a raise hands down! They helped me deal with a third party vendor that was giving me nothing but headaches and better yet never said it was the scripts fault, they executed every step as requested. I have nothing against my old host very effective packages and can execute on many levels but I truly needed a cold fusion host with experience in CF. Your company might offer less in terms of space and bandwidth, but it's true what they say you get what you pay for! And if you want 1st class support it's worth every penny. Keep up the great work and you've set the bar high on this one! UPDATE: 3 Months later and still the same outstanding support! Nothing has changed since day 1 couldn't be more satisfied!
Spot on.. Been with them for years now - and my level with them has risen from one account, to now where I have 4 accounts - three individuals, and a reseller account. I've been sending feedback for the last 4 years or so (on the annual questionnaire, which is actually read, acted upon, and responded to) and still haven't seen my feedback appear on their feedback page - I guess they have too much good feedback to need any more. May there be many more years of this level of service, and provision to come. I'm not moving away.
Chris M
[I] was just reading your testimonial page, and based on our experience over the past few months as we moved almost all of our web sites over to you (more coming soon), most of those statements were truly "Under stated" rather than exaggerations. We've had ZERO complaints about your service, and hundreds of reasons to complement you. Your name is definitely on our Christmas list of good vendors.
Lee Besing loves You guys have been a great solution for our Coldfusion hosting needs. We are utilizing CF 8 with Hostek and are very pleased with the solid Cold Fusion hosting solution and the rapid support that we receive via phone. Thanks guys. Keep it up.
I am a web developer for non-profit organizations. I always use Hostek and its subsidiary Ministryweb for all of my sites. Hostek is not only the most affordable, but the most dependable service. The sales team and customer support team provide top service. Always a pleasure doing business with Hostek.
Thomas Squiers
I would like to tell you that I have been with 7 hosting companies and this one is by far the greatest. When our site gets big, we will definately remember you. I would also like to show my gratitude by putting on a banner at no charge for your company. I own 7 other sites and plan to move each of them to you.
For all of you harden Coldfusion developers out there stop searching: Hostek has it all! A simple, not "bloated", straight forward, amazingly intuitive control panel, a lightning fast tech support team and yes, believe it or not - those Coldfusion web services that work! You can connect to the outside world including your home computer (running Railo, Blue Dragon, etc...) so you can host those ginormous data bases at home. I've been looking for a CF web services friendly hosting company and tried pretty much every major one out there - none of them worked (when it came to CF web services). So stop wasting your time and go Hostek! If you go with their CF Pro plan and host additional domains (under Windows for example) they are not sub-directories in your master account but full blown hosting accounts in their own rights! Their CF pages loads faster than any of the other companies that I've been with. And no other CF hosting company out there can beat their prices and features. They give you latest CF 9 (as of early 2012) tons of space, traffic and databases. What else or more can you wish for? Need proof I'm right? Check my web based reporting systems at - some or them are backed by databases counting millions of records (and 20 to 30 data points) - and see how fast they load. Where have I been all these years? Keep up the good work Hostek!
A Happy Coldfusion Developer
At first I only needed ColdFusion hosting. Then after adding a couple of domains I decided to upgrade because I was so pleased. Great customer support and usefull backend tools included. Only good things to say.
Seth T
Great hosting, great service, fast speeds!
David F
Hosting has been reliable and when there are issues, there's always been fast response. Your service is hard to beat! Over the past year I registered 3 new sites and have not been dissappointed! I'm notified in person via email AND phone call when domains are up for renewal which is greatly appreciated!! Service is exceptional and I would highly recommend to anyone looking for hosting. The monthly hosting fee is cheap; the service is priceless!
Brian B.
Best customer service response time I've ever experienced. I am very pleased with this level of follow through.
I've been with HostTek for almost a decade. All I can say is great job! I almost never have an outage, and when there is a rare problem I get very prompt service. They work with me even on the most obscure requests. Customer service is very capable and responsive.
Man, if you guys were any quicker you'd be reading my mind and making changes before I could even ask!
I am writing this letter much later than I had originally purposed but the message is timeless. I only wanted to say thank you to all of the staff for their incredible customer service. Your timely responses and helpful attitudes surpass any in the industry. I have been developing websites for nearly 15 years now and have used dozens of different hosting companies throughout the years. In that time there have been good and bad experiences but my experience with you always puts a smile on my face. I still remember the first time that I had a need or an issue that I needed help with. I reluctantly filled out a ticket with the pre-conditioned expectation to hear back from you days potentially weeks later. I also recall that your response was less than an hour later and I was truly blown away. The next couple of tickets that I filled out were still tainted with my pre-conditioned cynicism and yet every time your responses cut through my past negative experiences. I now brag to my clients about your service. I have even filled out tickets with clients in the room and said to them, "watch, we will hear back within the hour". Sure enough you never fail, even if the response doesn't come that very hour it has never taken more than two hours. That is incredible when compared to days or weeks. In addition to an extremely fast response, I have been surprisingly pleased with your exceedingly friendly and helpful support. Thank you so much for making our partnership in business so pleasant. I believe wholeheartedly that such a standard will be blessed. Joshua B. Swenson
Joshua Swenson
I have appreciated your service immensely and for a number of reasons. First, your support crew is a cut above the rest. They are quick, responsive, helpful, and a great group of people to work with. On top of that your ease of use, lack of downtime/problems, morality (no male enhancement products, women opening their blouses, profanity, etc.), low price and overall functionality keep bringing me back. I'm going to refer you as much as I can and will continue to use you for every website I create whether it be for business, personal use or ministry. KEEP IT UP!!
5 projects of mine are currently hosted at hostek server.... and its not likely to change..
Your company's customer service and support is 100 times better than my last hosting company. You guys Rock! Thanks.
This is the first time I have set up a site that wasn't hosted by Geocities... AND WHAT A DIFFERENCE!. My site went up correctly, the first time. Your e-mail responses are lightning fast and you always answer my question right the first time. You have a customer for life!
Hi Don here from just wanted to give a big shout out to the crew at Hostek. Jake H. and Chris D. are A-1 Chris and Jake recently helped me switch over my data base. I was frightened but they made the transfer painless. One time I had an issue on a weekend. As you know if your site is down it means lost revenue and lots of PO'ed customers. I emailed Hostek not expecting to hear back until Monday. Jake in tech support not only got right back to me but he had the problem solved . Also did I mention this was on Easter Sunday? Not just Sunday,,, Easter Sunday!! Thats what I call customer service. I would recommend Hostek to everyone. Thanks
Don Howland
Thanks for the swift and nice reply. Best support I have ever encountered. With my previous host, I was used to having to sometimes wait days to get questions answered and problems resolved. This is wonderful.
Terrific company and real pleasure to speak to when ever there exist an issue which is usually rectified in a matter of minutes.
Jimmy Lotts Jr.
Very responsive, helpful and knowledgeable! Great pricing!
Demetrius Pinder
Wow, you guys just saved my life! I can't even imagine how long it would have taken me to setup that database again. Your support, and your services all around, are by far the best! Add to that you upgraded to ColdFusion 8 almost instantly, and I can't think of anything you don't offer that I could ever need! Keep up the good work.
Al R.
You are the best. I have never had a case where I needed quick help that you didn't respond in only a few minutes and solve the problem. Being able to communicate directly with the support person working on the issue is invaluable. No red tape, just good work. (JRB)
Jim Bruce
Hostek is the best Hosting company I have dealt with in 10 years as a web designer. Great support and excellent hosting.
Danielle provided excellent customer support! Her service was spectacular. She helped me to archive my email and download it to have for my records and she was completely understanding of the issues involved and helped me to quickly achieve my goal. Thank you Hostek and Dannielle!
Hostek is the best web host I have ever worked with, by far! Knowledgeable, fast support, and great up-time! I won't go with anyone else!
Matt Pritchett
I've been with Hostek for 3 years now and before that I bounced from one provider to another. Hostek was the only provider that provided exceptional support from their knowledge base and quick reply.
Cynthia C
I want to say now that I have been extremely pleased with your high level of service so far in only a week or so, you have already exceeded my last hosts level of CS (customer service/support). I will be transferring my other 2 domains to you.
Are you a real person or a robot? It amazes me how quick you people respond to needs of your customers. I have never received better service. Glad to know you never sleep. Thanks again.
You have already in 1 week outdone any other hosting company I've ever used. Companies today use the word "solutions" as a marketing tool and through the years the meaning has been forgotten. You guys are definitely showing the true meaning of it. I just want others to know that there is still a company with values.
Hosting with Hostek is both affordable and excellent quality. Sign up was easy and quick. Support has been great!
My webmaster says that you guys are the most considerate, polite, and helpful people he has ever worked with. Hats off to you!
I've been in the computer business since 1981. I project managed Intels foray into web hosting. Your support turnaround, lack of really dumb questions in response to tickets and so on, well you're all just a class act and it's what all your competitors ought to be aiming for. Been with you a year or so now and every time we've needed assistance I've got a response before my next birthday that dealt with my issue, first time, every time.
Morris F.
I have been running webservers for 15 years. This is my first attempt at using a hosting company and I could not be more satisfied. The biggest compliment I can give is they listen and respond very quickly, I would recommend Hostek to anyone doing VSP or Shared Hosting. Thanks GuysSteve TurnerGulf Coast Networking
Steve Turner
Many features with fast and capable tech support at a good price point. I moved to Hostek from two other hosting services and haven't looked back.
Chuck Stoner
I have been with Hostek since February 2007 and I have been very pleased with your service. Your support is the best I have ever had, the setup is great, and the features are the best! Plus, all the websites I have hosted have ran FAST and if ever there was a problem you fixed it quick. Speaking of which, I had not had to email support for over a year now! That just goes to show how smooth everything has been running on my client websites. Thank you for providing such a wonderful service! Jon Wallen Author of CF Shopkart
Jon Wallen
You guys are so fast! I am going to recomend you to everyone I meet that needs a host, you rule!
When I started with Hostek, they weren't as big as they are now. I had switched from another provider and wasn't expecting much in the way of service. Hostek blew me away. They're fast and reliable. In the five plus years I've been with them, my sites have only been completely down once and that was for less than four hours. Even as they have grown, their service level has never gone down. I would have to say that at least 90% of my issues were resolved in 4 hours or less, 9% have taken 4 to 8 hours. Only once has an issue taken Hostek longer than 8 hours to be resolved. When I design websites, I charge customers more if they host with someone besides Hostek, because I know it will take longer for issues to be resolved
Julie Totsch
Excellent service! 3 years ago, we had a particularly tricky customer and these guys bent over backwards to help (even stuff that wasn't their problem). Since then we've always recommended them to our customers and never had a problem. Cannot recommend them enough.
I cannot remember the last time I had a problem because there have been no problems. I am now devoting more attention to my web ministries and I wouldn't think of going anywhere else than here. is unbelievable! Within two hours of purchasing a site all of our files were transferred and we were online and ready to go. The ease of using their system in really mind blowing. You don't have to be a computer nerd to be able to use their site. I am a computer expert. I have 30 years of experience with networking, servers and web sites. I wish everything could be this easy in dealing with computers. I had three minor issues on where to put things and their service department answered every service request in a matter of minutes. Even though our web site hasn't made it to the search engines yet we have had hits from all over the country. If you want a service to host your web this is the place to go.
Thanks for being there when I need help. I would say that's what I like most about you. It's not so much the package and the price, that's good too, but its the service and support that really makes you guys great!
I want to make sure you all know that I have received nothing but the bestcustomer support from Hostek. It is better than any customer support I havereceived from any other company in any other industry. You are alwaysprompt, thorough, accommodating, and patient. Glad I switch from GoDaddy.
I've said it before, I'm saying it again. You guys are the best! I've dealt with other hosting companies so I can compare. Your tech support is prompt, courteous, and thorough.
Tom Romeo
The best support, by far. Response in speed of light... THANK YOU
Dimitris Chronopoulos
I've referred people to you. I have never been more confident in referring anyone to any other service.
We signed up with Hostek two years ago and let me say it's been great. There support is nice. Some of my customers have already switched due to other hosting companies not being able to answer there basic questions.
Once again i am soooooo happy with the fast service and great response time your company has. I am so glad I was lucky enough to choose a webhost that is so committed to their customers. It's definately a nice thing to have a friend on the web. thanks again for everything and keep up the good work! you guys are the best!
Thanks a lot, you guys are the best host I've ever had!!!!! (and I've been through 7 now in less than four years!!!!)
So far your service has showed by far the best tech support of the 3 hosting companies I've tried. I'm really happy with it.
I must say, I have been developing sites since 1996 and I have been through ALOT of web hosts in that time. And, after only 1 day with you, I can already see your staff not only offers intelligent, prompt service, you actually care and take action.... wow, just wow... Every positive word in your testimonials is true. Thanks so much.
Saturday night, no I.T. guy but you guyz solved the problem in 30 seconds! Hat's off to Alex L. & all at Hostek, super-expedient service and solutions keeping my business up and running!!!
Image Optometry
Hostek is hands-down the best hosting service I've ever worked with. No matter what time of the day, or what my issues are, Hostek has been RIGHT THERE to solve them for me.
Thomas Bertino
I have been with them for over 5 years. Extremely pleased with them for sure. I remember one year there was some issue on Father's Day that I noticed with my site. I sent an email to them that day and within minutes they have my issue resolved and I could relax and enjoy the holiday. I think that speaks volumes of what type of service you can exp ect from them. They honest to god do a great job!...
Excelente servicio a pesar del idioma su soporte es muy bueno, asi como sus tiempos de respuesta, lo recomiendo para publico latino, saludos Daniel Briones Reyes
Daniel Briones Reyes
Happy Customer! I know by reading other reviews that this has been said before, but I believe it is worth repeating over and over. We've been with Hostek since 2006. Though it has had some major changes, it is still the best value for your money in web hosting. The support staff is always quick to respond to our questions and requests. The down-time is minimal, whi ch is a BIG plus for us. Hostek is just a great company with quality hosting and services. We would recommend them to anyone. In fact we have! There banner appears on every page of our websites.
Pamela Gher Jackson
I love you guys! I've tried many web hosts over the years and you guys are in a league of your own. The support is phenomenal. I ALWAYS get a ridiculously quick response to absolutely any questions or concerns I have (which are rare). Your support staff is always helpful and will go above and beyond without a hint of aggravation. Thank you for your fantastic service and for offering your hosting plans at incredibly affordable prices. Thank you so much!
Staci C.
I can't believe it... I am still in shock it started about 2 days ago I needed a host. I looked around and nearly signed up to WiredHosting then I found your site in a search, all the features you had made me think it was a load a bull so I clicked on the online chat and chatted with a very nice guy. I took about 30 Minutes of his time but he explained it all and I was happy to sign up. I read all the other peoples responses to your site and thought it might just be the good sections cut out and the bad ones hidden but I was wrong... Today I sent a support email. By the time I had checked for a response it was completed. No joke - about a 2-3 minutes turn around....!!! ALL I CAN SAY IS KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT SERVICE AND I AM VERY IMPRESSED! If I can convert anyone over I will....
The support staff at Hostek is the best I've ever worked with. They are responsive and energetic. Whenever I have a problem, I can count on them to get to the root of it. They keep an open mind, and if it calls for it, they perform code testing. I trust my web sites in their capable hands. In particular I would like to thank Cameron, David, Alex, Ch ris and Jon. Give these boys a raise!
Cathy Shapiro
Awesome tech support. You actually can get things done in 1 post rather than going back and forth with tech people who don't read tickets or are clueless. You can also call to speak to a real person, online chat and posting a ticket is simple and easy; they don't make you jump through hoops to ask a question or get support.
All I can say, simply amazing. Support are always at the corner within 5-10 minutes after I submit support request, you won't find this elsewhere. They treat me very well and did everything I need. No one is perfect but Hostek did their best.
Joseph Brzezowski
Needed to temporarily setup a client site with Hostek. The setup process was easy. Their helm control panel allows you to do everything. I also had some tech support questions that were expertly answered within hours.
I have several e-commerce websites since 2002 and tried several web hosting providers, is by far the best, value, efficiency and their pro instant help support team is the greatest support team I evermet. ********** ( 10 Stars)
Ahmed Fahmy
I'm a internet designer and programmer and I'm using hostek (specially Coldfusion servers) for at least 80 of my clients for almost 10 years and I still recomend Hostek over other providers because the service, support and price are one of the best in the market. The sales team and customer support team provide top service. Thanks to all the s upport team specially to Cameron, Chris, Brian and AlexI'm a internet designer and programmer and I'm using hostek (specially Coldfusion servers) for at least 80 of my clients for almost 10 years and I still recomend Hostek over other providers because the service, support and price are one of the best in the market. The sales team and customer support team provide top service. Thanks to all the s upport team specially to Cameron, Chris, Brian and Alex
R. Ramirez
Finding a web host that actually has KNOWLEDGEABLE tech support available late on a Sunday evening is extremely rare. Yet I have had several occasions where immediate tech support was needed on my reseller account. One phone call, no endless hold times or voice menu prompts to get to a tech who KNOWS their system and doesn't read off of a pre-script ed troubleshooting sheet and I have a solution! I recommend Hostek for anyones web hosting needs, large or small! Thanks Hostek, you end up saving me time and money and I look forward to a long term business relationship with you guys!
Pat Irwin
MinistryWeb scores very well in all the usual areas: service, reliability, ease of use, cost, etc., but what really makes them stand out is their customer service. I have another website - regrettably with another host - where I paid twice what I paid at MinistryWeb to have "priority" customer support. It never fails: every time I have had a question, MinistryWeb's support team has successfully answered my question and done so in less time than my "priority" support at this other host. My only regret is that ALL my websites cannot be hosted by MinistryWeb! They are superb at what they do and obviously are committed to doing it well. Great job, MinistryWeb! I would recommend you to anyone.
Felicia L. Burns
These guys are great. They came highly recommended by a super team of ecommerce shopping cart designers/programmers. I was using a LARGE outfit to host my websites and had some problems with the cart software and my providers. I switched to Hostek and have been extremely pleased ever since. Thanks guys. Been here now for about 2 years and remember m y server being down for about 5 or 10 minutes, 1 TIME! Not a bad record if you ask me. I now have 10 websites with them. Thanks again!
K. Rogers
I love Hostek for the pricing, control panel utilities, and extra applications e.g. blog. I am not completely satisfied with the user-support on ColdFusion though. They usually response within a couple of hours (that is good), but the answer isn't necessarily helpful (I suspect the support doesn't really read the question.) However, one particular staff with initial B.A is above the rest in solving the problems I encounter. Of course, this is only my personal opinion.
Just a quick note to let you all know how pleased I am with Hostek.Setup was a breeze, the control panel is very easy and efficient, andI love the elegance of Smarter Stats.
Charles Helfenstein
I did receive notice from concerning their dropping of CF support. I moved all my sites to Hostek and find it quite a bit faster (I choose the CF reseller option) than Godaddy and the support trumps them as well.
Robert Barrett
I want to let you know that I have found your support staff to be very helpful during the setup of this site. I've been very impressed with your response times and quality of information. I've worked with many so-called "support staffs" over the last 5 years and have been (to be kind) not impressed with nearly all of them. Your effort to truly provide service is very appreciated - I wish the rest of the ISPs were half as helpful as you and your staff has been
I run a web development company and deal with many web hosts and you are by far the best I've used. The service itself is super, but what sets you apart is the support team. I can't say enough about them. They are professional, responsive and knowledgeable--this is what makes the difference between web hosting and good web hosting.
I LOVE Hostek. I've had sites for over 15 years and these guys are honest, kind, helpful, I could go on and on. They have helped me above and beyond on numerous occasions.
Karen Roberts
Thank you so much for always returning my emails promptly. I have used 3 different ISP's for my website and never have I had such prompt service to emails.
As a new customer of Hostek, I'd like to provide some feedback regarding my recent experiences with the Hostek tech support team. Our company had hosted several websites with another hosting company for many years using an older version of Coldfusion (MX7) and MS SQL Server (2005). This hosting company discontinued the VPS service we used which forcing a change to a different hosting plan using Coldfusion 10 and SQL 2012. Despite many years of hosting with this company, they were unwilling to help with the necessary changes required for these newer versions, nor to provide access to the tools needed to discover the actual errors occuring when attempting to run under these newer version. This was clearly an impossible situation that left us extremely frustrated and unsure how to proceed, given that we had no experience with CF10, and no way to test or experiment. I contacted Hostek to inquire about services and and was connected promptly to Jake H., who assured me that Hostek would be willing to help with this conversion process. On his recommendation I opened a Hostek account and enrolled as a reseller for shared hosting, and began the process of upload and conversion of our sites. Several changes were needed to make our code functional under the newer CF10, and in all cases your tech department identified problem code, suggested changes, and guided me through the concepts needed for the newer software. In addition, they were able to convert our older MS SQL 2005 data files to SQL 2012, despite the fact that it needed an intermediate conversion from SQL2005 to 2008 and then to 2012. With the help of your staff we were up an running within about 2 days, and had overcome problems we had struggled with for several weeks at the prior hosting company. In all cases, your support staff was very technically astute, responded quickly, and was very friendly and helpful. In short, all that Jake promised was carried out professionally and quickly. I'd like to thank your tech team, and Jake in particular, for making this transition possible, and even pleasant. It couldn't have been handled any better. I will be happy to recommend Hostek in the future for any Coldfusion hosting projects. Thanks to all of you at Hostek,John Bowerowner, Santa Cruz Electronics.
John Bower
I will definately send people your way. For the price and service that you guys offer, you have the best deal going.

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