Hostek MS SQL Hosting Options

The MS SQL 2012 database option is included with many of our hosting plans.

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The MS SQL 2012 database can be added to a hosted domain by logging into the Control Panel and choosing the MS SQL link.

Our plans likely cover almost all scenarios of database sizes needed. The least expensive way to get additional space would be to upgrade to the next plan level. After that, you can add additional MS SQL space based on the rates below.

Database Size

Add-on Price

$10/month per 500 MB
$15/month per 1,000 MB


Q: Can I have more than 1 MS SQL database?

A: Yes. The pricing is for the overall space. You can split the usage between databases.

Q: How can I connect to the SQL server database?

A: You can connect with SQL Enterprise Manager, SQL Query Analyzer or MS Visual Interdev or with our MS SQL database manager tool.