Hosting Services and Custom Solutions

Replace Local or Co-Located Servers

Are you a passionate engineer or developer? We can help with your unique challenges and requirements. Take your special needs, ideas and servers to the cloud without worrying about security, backups, firewall and patches. You can rest well knowing we work with you to remove these concerns.

You might want special role servers, private networks and even customized network security rules. A few solutions that we’ve tackled are:

  • Migration from Old Outdated Environment
  • Custom Network Security Needs (based on department)
  • VPN Only Environment (private cloud)

Load Balanced & High Traffic Solutions

Be ready for traffic spikes. We can help plan a robust combination of load balancing with web and database servers. Eliminate the concern about downtime during periods of social media or promotional events.

Some examples of how we’ve met high traffic challenges:

  • CDN (Content Delivery Network) Planning and Setup (reduces load on server)
  • Load Balancer with Multiple Web Servers
  • Custom Database Replication

VPN & Enhanced Security

Customers wanting to allow remote workers or offices access to their environment need a special solution. We provide a full suite VPN solution including client and tunnel options. To get started we arrange a consultation to collect some information and follow up to make sure everything working.

These objectives are easily met with this flexible solution:

  • Securely Connect To VPS’s
  • Add VPS’s to Active Directory Environment
  • Access VPS Shares As Local Storage
  • Connect VPS’s to Office Machines (i.e. Printers & Equipment)

Private Network & Multiple Server & Mixed Purpose Environment

When one server is not enough; host unique services on two or more of our VPS’s. Take full advantage of the fastest server-to-server connections with a private network. A powerful solution to maximize security & performance!

Example customer environments include:

  • Business Solution - Web, Processing & Database Server
  • Full Hosting Environment - Web, Database & Mail Servers
  • Special Use Application & Database Servers

Single Server (Windows or Linux)

Have your own Cloud Server, which we manage. One of the most requested features for todays growing businesses is the ability to utilize the cloud for its resiliency. Secondly the ability to scale as needed.

On our virtual platform we remove all the complexity of having your own cloud. Customers enjoy these amazing features, and 24/7 support:

  • 3 x Redundancy
  • Automatic Fail-Over
  • End-to-End Management