Strategic Solutions - VPN, Secure Subnets, and Authentication


Security is always being challenged & the needs for protection from disaster ever present. Our most advanced solutions involve strategic planning to isolate specific parts of private networks, expand customers ability to suffer loss or expand their local office onto cloud based servers.

Am I a Good Fit?

As explained above, if your business has a unique challenge such as security, redundancy or host their entire infrastructure on cloud-based servers we can help. These needs often encompass:

  • Client VPN, Single or Multi-VPN Tunnels
  • Integration with Active Directory
  • Disaster Recovery Solutions

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Real Life Solution

A major Real Estate advertising firm was tired of hosting their servers in house and in a co-location facility nearby. They wanted a solution that offered increased reliability and reduced management. Most importantly however because they were moving everything to cloud based VPS servers they needed to isolate their accounting department. Their solution requirements included:

  • VPN Tunnel
  • Isolated Accounting Servers
  • Web, Database & Processing Servers
  • Integration with Active Directory

We provided their team with a schedule to migrate their web sites and test. Since they were already used to managing parts of their infrastructure we simply complemented their own expertise. Our team worked by their objectives and schedule, we coordinated a patching and maintenance time for their servers.

The end result was we provided the right balance of a strategic solution and managed services to help them be even more aggressive in their market. With our help they were able to achieve:

  • Stabilized Websites
  • Secure management of their servers
  • Reliability of their environment
  • Reduced cost

Hostek was proud to be such an asset to their team, and continue to enjoy serving them today.