SmarterStats - Advanced Web Site Analysis

Welcome Page Showing the Most Requested Data

Once you log in to SmarterStats you are greeted with the most pertinent and sought after data available: Visits, Hits, Views, Bandwidth, Entry Page, Referral Information and more. The Welcome Page gives you the majority of information people are looking for when viewing their site statistics.

A Variety of Standard Reports for Easy Review

SmarterStats provides you with a number of Standard Reports, or conglomerations of popular and useful Report Items arranged to provide the most pertinent data to the most pertinent people in your organization. These reports range from a CEO Report, to provide upper management with a variety of performance and structural data, to Traffic and Visitor Reports for webmasters and other IT professionals.

Over 130 Different Report Items

SmarterStats gives you all the information you want and need with over 130 different Report Items. Easy navigation allows you find the Items you need quickly. Virtually every piece of information contained in your web server log files is there: visitors, hits, views, downloads, search engine queries, search engine spiders, bandwidth usage, geographics, and much, much more.

Attention: Resellers and Site Designers

SmarterStats gives you the ability to have a stats report emailed to your client on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule, providing you with an automatic tool that will add value to your service while providing your client with the information they need.

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