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Update on continuing DDoS Incidents

Monday, October 01, 2018

11:50 CDT Update:

Hostek is still actively monitoring and mitigating the ongoing attacks to our Saint Louis datacenter. At time of this update, attacks have been managed, and normal service and connectivity is nominal. Unfortunately, attack vectors and sources are dynamic, and are destined to and originating from multiple countries and providers. In addition to absorbing malicious traffic from outside hosting clouds, Hostek is actively working with both upstream providers and with other hosting providers that have been affected by this coordinated global attack.

Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience this ongoing attack has caused, and are working diligently to keep services stable. Network state and services are functioning normally, but if issues are being experienced, please contact support at:   
Or by e-mail:   
[email protected]


11:28AM CST Update:

Hostek is actively monitoring these attacks, we apologize for any inconvenience they have caused. As of this post, network services and availability are functioning nominally for a large amount of our customers. please contact support if any abnormalities in connectivity are experienced at


These attacks aimed toward our Saint Louis datacenter are still ongoing, but mitigation services are continuing to be set in place to filter legitimate traffic. Current mitigation efforts have been successful, but a noticed, temporary side-effect of outside monitoring services has been identified and will potentially be blocked temporarily.

This is currently only affecting our POD1 St. Louis data center.