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Upstream routing issue affecting a subnet range

Thursday, October 14, 2021

There is currently an upstream routing issue affecting some, not all, ingress and egress traffic within our St. Louis data center on the same subnet. We have engaged the networking team responsible and are currently awaiting an update and resolution.

Any questions and confirmation if you are affected, please contact our support team at


UPDATE: Our Network Administrators can confirm that traffic unable to communicate with our Saint Louis datacenter is localized traffic that traverses providers HurricaneElectric and SeaBone. We do not have control over the routes that facilitate the directionality of this traffic, but are in contact with Hurricane Electric and SeaBone in tandem with our peering providers to work on a permanent solution to this routing issue.  Traffic passing through other transit providers is not effected, and all Hostek - Saint Louis hardware and services are functioning nominally. We thank you for your patience while we work with Hurricane Electric and SeaBone to remedy their stale routing entries.


UPDATE 2: Our data center has worked with Hurricane Electric and SeaBone to resolve their routing loop. At this time, latency may be a little higher than normal depending on where you are located. We are continuing to work with them to return traffic back to its normal pathing.