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Upstream Network Maintenance in Reading, UK September 10th, 2020

Wednesday, September 09, 2020

        We have been informed by our upstream providers in Reading, UK that they will be performing network maintenance on the uplink network fabrics within the datacenter that provide internet connectivity. Their tasks are on redundant fabrics that should not effect upstream connectivity, but we are providing notice that these tasks are taking place, and that we will be in contact during the maintenance period to ensure that no detrimental tertiary effects impact our network connectivity. This maintenance is taking place on the second of two sets of redundnant fabrics. Once complete, this will conclude their restructuring tasks.

        This maintenance window will be taking place at the following times:
            Tuesday, September 10th, 2020
                BST  1730 - 1900  (UTC +1)
                UTC  1630 - 1800
                CDT  11030 - 1300  (UTC -5)

        If you have any questions about this maintenance window, please contact support:
        [email protected]  or