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Datacenter Fiber CX Maintenance Notice in Reading, UK May 25th, 2020 2000UTC

Friday, May 22, 2020

        We have received notice from our uplink provider in Reading, UK that they are going to performing maintenance on the fiber interconnects between fiber Reading, UK to an external datacenter in London, UK. This maintenance period is required to improve physical uplinks between the two datacenters, and should not impact data NOT destined to London, UK. This maintenance task should not cause issues, but we will be monitoring the maintenance task as it progresses just in case.

        The maintenance window for this task is as follows:
                   May 25, 2020
                BDT:  2200-2359
                CDT:  1600-1759
                UTC:  2100-2259

        Please contact support if you have any questions or issue regarding this maintenance task at or [email protected]