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Datacenter Uplink Maintenance Notice in Ashburn, VA

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Update:    The time of this maintenance task was not included when this status was created. The maintenance window for this task is:
                             March 25, 2020 0400CDT - 0700CDT


        We have been informed by our uplink provider that they are going to perform urgently needed network maintenance on our uplink group in Ashburn, Virginia. This maintenance is required to correct issues that are causing network stability upstream to our public networks, that will be resolved post-maintenance.

        With this maintenance, we have been informed that it will be necessary to logically break, then reestablish the uplink group, which will incur a brief outage. The outage is anticipated to be short, and we will be monitoring the maintenance task throughout its duration.

        Please contact support if you have any questions or issue regarding this maintenance task at or [email protected]