Choose the Windows Hosting Platform to Host Dynamic Database Driven Websites

Windows web hosting is one of the most popular platforms in the corporate world for hosting dynamic, content-rich websites. Characterized by high quality, stability, and reliability, Windows web hosting provides the ability to maximize the efficiency and availability of your website and web applications. The best part of using Windows hosting is that Windows hosting provides a user-friendly environment and a large number of powerful tools and services for all your hosting needs. Windows hosting service is an ideal solution for anyone looking for robust, powerful web hosting in a user-friendly, dynamic environment.

In this article, we explore Windows web hosting, define Windows web hosting, and explain how Windows hosting works and the types of technologies used in Windows web hosting. We also explain the unique features of Windows hosting including Classic ASP, .NET, FrontPage, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, and other Microsoft proprietary applications and services webmasters and web developers can utilize with Windows web hosting services and Windows hosting solutions.

What is Windows web hosting and how does Windows hosting work?

Windows web hosting can be defined as a process of web hosting on a server that uses Microsoft Windows as its operating platform. Windows web hosting is designed for websites that run on a Windows operating system. The Windows operating system delivers a single-purpose solution for anyone including web designers, web developers, and web hosting providers. And the Windows operating system provides webmasters and developers with the ability to build dynamic and functional websites.

A major driving force behind Windows web hosting is IIS (Internet Information Server), Microsoft’s dynamic server technology. IIS is a group of web servers that consists of an HTTP server and an FTP server. The IIS framework is designed to support Windows NT and Windows Server 2003 and 2008. IIS includes numerous programs that allow webmasters to create database driven websites and web applications. By seamlessly integrating with the Windows operating systems, IIS ensures faster response times and optimal efficiency of websites and Internet applications.

What types of technologies does Windows web hosting support?

The Windows hosting platform is widely accepted due to the various technologies supported. Some of the technologies supported include COM, MS Access, MSSQL, Active Server Pages (ASP), and the latest technology – the .NET framework. These scripting languages and databases only run on the Windows platform. Not only does Windows hosting support Microsoft’s proprietary programming languages, Windows web hosting also supports open-source technologies such as PHP, MySQL, and Perl.

The different technologies that Windows hosting supports is what sets it apart from other web hosting platforms. Windows website hosting can be used for remote Microsoft technology and also for running the latest and most advanced web applications. Microsoft has created server software such as Windows Server 2008 and Windows NT that serve web pages on the Internet. Not only do these programs serve web pages, but they are also equipped with tools and features that allow webmasters to manage and customize their websites from the backend.

Unique features supported with Windows web hosting

Windows web hosting offers many Windows specific features that can be beneficial to businesses and individuals that have a distinct need for the power, flexibility, and applications available with Windows web hosting services. These unique features make the Windows hosting platform the best choice when it comes to web hosting for Windows-based websites and web applications. The key features that you can utilize with Windows hosting solutions include:

Classic ASP – Classic ASP is a powerful application framework ideal for creating dynamic web pages. If you are planning to run web pages that use ASP as an extension, Windows web hosting is recommended as Windows hosting is specifically designed to run ASP pages as intended, thereby maximizing performance.

The .NET framework ASP.NET is a popular scripting framework that provides a variety of solutions such as security, connectivity, application development, and more. Since the .NET framework has been created by Microsoft, the scripts and web pages developed using this framework work best when used with Windows hosting services.

FrontPage extensions FrontPage is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) website creation software that allows you to create web pages and forms within your website and then easily upload them to your Windows hosting server or shared Windows web hosting account. Utilize FrontPage extensions exclusively with Windows web hosting solutions when developing your website and applications.

Microsoft SQL Server – MS SQL Server is a relational database system designed for larger businesses that require a scalable database hosting solution. MS SQL Server databases can be incorporated into ASP and ASP.NET web pages and scripts, allowing webmasters and business owners the ability to create highly scalable, dynamic websites that will be able to handle high loads and unpredictable increases in traffic volumes.

Microsoft Access – MS Access is a desktop database application similar to MySQL often used as the backbone of various applications. MS Access is a part of the Microsoft Office suite and is recommended for use in situations where full control over the data and database is required. MS Access can be used in conjunction with ASP and ASP.NET-based scripts to develop dynamic websites.

Microsoft proprietary applications and services – There are specific applications developed by Microsoft that can only run on Windows servers. Such applications include Microsoft Sharepoint and Microsoft Exchange Server among many other leading Microsoft business applications.

Any Windows based application will work better and perform better in a Windows hosting environment, simply because it is designed to be used on Windows. With many unique features not available with any other web hosting platform, Windows web hosting solutions are the best choice for businesses and individuals. Windows hosting services are ideal for those who want to host Windows proprietary applications in a highly secure and reliable hosting environment capable of sustaining their requirements over a long period of time.

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