Why You Should Choose a Shared Linux Hosting Service for Your Website

When you are preparing to launch an online business, or you want to move your exiting business website to a new web hosting provider, finding the right web hosting plan can be a complex and time-consuming process. Many business owners, CEOs, and other individuals are looking for a type of web hosting service that allows them to get online quickly, build out their initial content and online functionality, and experiment with different techniques to increase their revenue. To maximize return on investment (ROI), finding a flexible Windows or Linux web hosting plan at an affordable price point is an important first step for any new online business.

Shared web hosting plans are ideal for matching affordability with flexibility. Unless you have very specific server requirements, a Windows shared hosting or Linux shared web hosting service is a fantastic choice for getting your website up and running. But here is the bad news: choosing a type of web hosting is only one piece of the puzzle. Did you know that your choice of operating system (OS) also has a significant effect on the responsiveness, reliability, and stability of your hosting plan? With the wrong operating system at the heart of your shared hosting plan, it is possible that you could find yourself restricted as your business changes over time.

In this article, you will learn more about the importance of choosing the right operating system for your needs and the potential consequences of choosing an OS that is improperly matched to your business. You will learn about shared Linux web hosting services and the features of the Linux operating system that make Linux shared hosting the number one choice of web hosting for small businesses online.

How does your choice of operating system affect shared hosting services?

Working as the software foundation on which your entire shared hosting plan is built, an operating system, or OS, is the software that makes it possible for your applications to run successfully. Imagine your home computer, which probably runs Microsoft Windows or Apple OS X. A home computer operating system does not offer a great deal of functionality in and of itself, but it is a vital element of how you use your computer. An operating system bridges the gap between applications and hardware.

As a result, your choice of operating system has a direct influence on the ability of your hosting hardware to meet your expectations. This applies to all types of hosting services, from shared hosting plans to dedicated server hosting plans. However, in the case of shared hosting, it is not unusual for an operating system to work particularly hard. Since multiple shared web hosting plans run on the same hardware, it is the job of your operating system to maintain availability and performance across each individual account.

Linux, an open source OS available in a number of different distributions, remains the most popular choice for the web hosting industry. Shared Linux web hosting solutions provide businesses worldwide with hosting services that are reliable, perform consistently, and keep information secure. Shared Linux web hosting solutions are also highly compatible with other useful tools for your web presence.

Shared Linux website hosting offers unrivalled availability

If you are to take advantage of online opportunities to generate revenue, your website needs to be available 24/7/365. A reliable web presence helps build customer confidence and encourage repeat visits, as well as provide the tools that your potential customers require to place that all-important first order.

Shared Linux hosting solutions are particularly reliable since the Linux OS was designed with dependability in mind. While many operating systems aimed at the home and business environment will regularly use every available system resource, including maximum RAM and CPU power, Linux takes a more conservative approach to hardware usage. By using hardware resources only as necessary, shared Linux hosting services are better able to cope with unpredictable traffic spikes that could cause unexpected downtime.

In contrast to other types of shared web hosting, where the behavior of your neighbors can cause your website performance to suffer, the way that Linux works with hardware makes it possible for you to keep your web presence online and give your customers the experience they expect.

How shared Linux hosting plans deliver exceptional performance

At a time when every business needs to deploy rich, highly interactive, database-driven content to attract customers, finding a shared hosting solution that performs consistently is important. With such a conservative approach to hardware usage, it would be natural to assume that a shared Linux hosting service could not cope with the performance demands of dynamic web applications. However, most Linux builds are relatively lightweight in terms of their own system requirements, leaving more hardware power available to host your website.

Being open source, the core functionality and code of Linux has been edited and improved by thousands of programming and development experts over many years. This means that every Linux distribution is now built from streamlined, highly efficient code that has a negligible footprint on your system resource usage. In addition, since Linux is highly compatible with other open source applications including PHP, MySQL, and the Apache web server, you can be confident that the performance of Linux shared hosting will remain consistent, regardless of the software you run on it.

Order your shared Linux hosting plan from Hostek.com today

Hostek.com is an experienced shared Linux hosting provider, offering reliable and powerful shared Linux hosting services to customers worldwide. Hostek.com offers a number of plans to suit your individual needs, with 99.99% uptime guaranteed.

Hostek.com currently uses the Linux CentOS distribution on every shared Linux web hosting solution. CentOS is derived entirely from the Red Hat Enterprise Linux distribution (RHEL), featuring a wealth of community-led support available online, as well as regular security updates to keep the information that you host with us safe. In addition to providing a generous, unlimited shared Linux hosting service, Hostek.com can also provide Linux ColdFusion hosting for your specific web development needs.

Whichever Linux shared hosting service you select, you will receive access to the powerful and easy-to-use cPanel control panel, making your website administration simple. In the event that you need a little extra help, Hostek.com customer support is available 24/7/365.

For more information on shared Linux web hosting services from Hostek.com, call 918-392-7870 or visit hostek.com today.

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