Linux VPS Hosting and the LAMP Stack

The type of content you offer your visitors will, in most cases, make or break your online success. Whether you run an online extension of your business, have an entirely Internet-based organization, or just want to build a community around a specific subject, it’s more important than ever to give visitors an experience, not just reading material. Many businesses who choose virtual private server hosting (VPS hosting) services for their website understand the importance of dynamic, database-driven content, the strain this content places on system resources, and how VPS hosting increases reliability by giving them dedicated hardware power.

But choosing VPS hosting services is not the only important decision to be made when planning and developing your rich online applications. In fact, the operating system your hosting service uses can also have a significant impact on your ability to deliver exceptional content at breakneck speeds.

In our latest article, experienced VPS hosting provider discusses the relationship between Linux VPS hosting and dynamic content. In the article, you will learn why Linux VPS hosting is incredibly stable and impressively fast. You will also learn about the role of Linux in the LAMP stack, a combination of Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP that supports your dynamic web applications.

Linux VPS hosting is ideal for intense processing

At the foundation of the LAMP stack, Linux is an open-source operating system that allows other software to interact with hardware resources, such as CPU, RAM, and disk space. An operating system, or OS, essentially coordinates your entire server and makes every other task possible.

One of the great things about VPS hosting is that unlike shared hosting plans, you receive a dedicated operating system installation. In other words, while shared hosting forces you to use the OS your host selects, VPS hosting can be configured to use any OS, without affecting other users. Linux VPS hosting comes complete with one of numerous Linux distributions, each of which uses the same core (or kernel). Some of the most popular distributions include CentOS, Ubuntu, and Fedora.

Ultimately, though, it is the Linux kernel that has remained the preferred platform of web developers since 1991. Linux consists of elegant, carefully structured code that manages your virtual server’s activity. Since Linux is an open source OS, this code has been carefully tweaked and checked for bugs by thousands of independent developers, helping to guarantee stability and performance consistency.

Linux also handles hardware resources in a way that is particularly well-suited to the Internet and the processing demands of web applications. Rather than always pushing for maximum performance, Linux takes a more reserved approach. As a result, the operating system is better able to cope with the sudden and unpredictable traffic and bandwidth increases associated with complex applications.

However, Linux itself is just the foundation of the best Linux VPS hosting services.

Linux VPS hosting with the dependable Apache web server

Representing the “A” in the LAMP stack, Apache is an open source web server. A web server essentially performs a similar task to an operating system, but at a higher level. Just as Linux manages how applications work with hardware resources, Apache manages how Linux handles requests from remote visitors.

Apache is a reliable, highly customizable web server that bridges the gap between the software powering your applications, the operating system of your Linux VPS hosting, and your visitors. Some of the most important Apache features include simplified port configuration, robust security to control access to your hosting plan, and IPv6 support, which will become more important in the coming years.

With Linux and Apache in place, the other elements of the LAMP stack make dynamic content possible.

Linux VPS hosting with robust and secure MySQL databases

Every complex and highly interactive web application involves the storage and manipulation of large quantities of data. Every message board post, every user login, and every content item in your content management system (CMS) needs to be safely locked away, protected against manipulation and malicious attack, and intelligently organized for fast retrieval.

MySQL is an open source platform for relational database management. MySQL uses an easy-to-understand series of instructions, known as Structured Query Language (SQL), to store information in databases. Being a relational system, MySQL databases contain data in individual tables. For example, you may have one table named “users,” another called “blog,” and another called “comments.” By storing information in this separated but related way, performing complex processes required for dynamic applications becomes much faster.

MySQL is one of the most well-established relational databases, and being open source, it continues to evolve to support the latest technologies and security advances. If your Linux VPS hosting plan includes MySQL databases, the only other element you need is a way to get data in and out.

Linux VPS hosting with PHP for application development

When the notion of the LAMP stack first became popular, the “P” stood for “Perl.” Perl is a programming language that allows developers to write CGI scripts for parsing user-inputted data. Developers can also code in Perl to send this data to a database, process stored data, or display data to users. However, over the years, the popularity of Perl has diminished. Today, most web developers use PHP to bring their visions to life.

PHP is a scripting language that offers many of the functions of Perl, but – significantly – allows for in-line scripting. PHP is generally considered more accessible and easy to learn than Perl, working hand-in-hand with HTML within the same file. If you are planning to develop your own application for your Linux VPS hosting plan, or want to run popular applications such as WordPress or Joomla, PHP is an essential tool.

Get Linux VPS hosting services with the LAMP stack from

Finding success online inevitably means working with the latest applications, or developing your own dynamic content that is customized to your requirements. Running these applications effectively requires you to make use of the open source, powerful, and reliable LAMP stack.

Linux VPS hosting services from include everything you need to create or run a wide variety of applications. Every Linux VPS hosting plan includes not only the popular CentOS Linux distribution, but also an Apache web server, MySQL databases, and the latest version of PHP. To help support the applications that use these technologies, Linux VPS hosting also includes high-availability cloud disk space and 24/7/365 technical support.

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