Choose ColdFusion Web Hosting and Enjoy Rapid Application Development

With powerful visual tools and an advanced programming environment, ColdFusion allows you to build and deploy powerful and scalable web applications in less time with fewer lines of code. Whether you are launching a new e-commerce application, building a large corporate, data-driven intranet, developing a global network for your company or creating your own web presence, you will find the proven technology you need with ColdFusion.

One of the best ways to experience the powerful development features of ColdFusion is by utilizing ColdFusion web hosting. With ColdFusion hosting, you will have access to the ColdFusion server and direct access to the database back-end such as MS SQL. You will also be able to install custom components and have total control over the setup of your data sources and mappings. ColdFusion hosting service is truly a perfect solution for anyone looking to take advantage of the superior scalability and performance of ColdFusion.

Why use ColdFusion hosting?

ColdFusion hosting provides a cross-platform web application server, software development framework, and toolsets designed to integrate databases and web pages. ColdFusion web hosting allows programmers and web developers to create and deploy dynamic websites and develop a new generation of large-volume, transaction-intensive web applications for everything from e-commerce to business automation.

A ColdFusion server provides visual programming, database connectivity, runtime environment, security, email integration, and CFML (ColdFusion Markup Language). This environment is ideal for Internet application development and enables web developers and webmasters to tap into the infinite potential of the Internet. Available for stand-alone installation or for deployment on industry-leading J2EE application servers, ColdFusion facilitates the creation of dynamic websites and robust web applications in record time.

ColdFusion can be used to create many different types of information management solutions for small or large businesses. ColdFusion web site hosting can be applied in areas such as online shopping (e-commerce), contact databases, back-end support for interactive Flash applications, rich-forms generation, project tracking and management, report generation, file sharing, and data search tools. With ColdFusion hosting, you can query, update, index, and chart databases from any web browser.

How does ColdFusion hosting work?

ColdFusion hosting works by using a server to deliver web applications, not just plain web pages. When a web user requests a ColdFusion page (ends in .cfm), the browser sends an HTTP request to the web server, which then passes it to the ColdFusion server. ColdFusion reads the data from the client and processes the ColdFusion Markup Language used in the page. Based on the CFML, the ColdFusion server runs application logic and interacts with the database or other technologies requested. ColdFusion then generates an HTML page and returns it to the web server that then passes the page back to the browser.

With the proven tag-based scripting built into the ColdFusion environment, ColdFusion hosting helps web application developers harness the power of the Java platform without the complexity. ColdFusion also incorporates Macromedia Flash, rendering the technology ideal for web development. Although hosting ColdFusion is more expensive than other forms of hosting, the tools and features available with this technology make the investment worth every dollar. ColdFusion web hosting also gives you upgraded disk space, bandwidth, and uptime and provides you with tag restrictions, additional security, and dedicated database support.

ColdFusion features available through ColdFusion hosting

ColdFusion offers a variety of features and a diverse array of capabilities which dramatically improve performance, scalability, and security and allow for easier integration with enterprise IT web environments. ColdFusion web hosting can be used for everything from small department applications to highly scalable implementations of your business-critical applications. The following features are incorporated into ColdFusion hosting:

Security. ColdFusion hosting accommodates multiple layers of security, working on the user, server, and data levels. Each user can be assigned a login and password to access the system. It is also possible to limit user access to a given set of computers, restricting those from outside your network. You can also enable criteria on a record by record basis.

ColdFusion Administrator. You can perform basic administration tasks by using the ColdFusion Administrator. The ColdFusion Administrator is a secure web-based application for configuring the ColdFusion server. The ColdFusion Administrator allows you to configure settings for mail, database connections, debugging options, and much more.

User preferences. In ColdFusion, client variables are used to keep track of users as they move through the pages within an application. By using browser cookies, user preferences can be stored and maintained. ColdFusion archives user state management by creating a user record for each browser that requests a page in an application. Returning users can be automatically directed towards their favorite part of the website or updated content. Different content, colors, and images can also be displayed based on the user preferences.

Statistics. Statistics is one of the most helpful tools provided through ColdFusion hosting. ColdFusion is capable of dynamically creating tables, graphs, and charts and performing statistical analysis of your data. This is a great feature that allows you to get instant results from an online survey, provide feedback for a quiz, or indicate the popularity of a section of your website.

With a wide array of great features, robust tools and powerful capabilities, ColdFusion web hosting is one of the best web hosting solutions available today for building and systematizing feature-rich content management systems, self-service applications, and web services.

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