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Achieving Service Level Objectives with Cloud VPS Hosting

A single server is able to provide several different functions from one convenient location. You may use your virtual private server to host your website, which is used to generate sales, attract new customers, and provide support and assistance to your existing customers. You may also run your own business that uses your VPS hosting plan to provide online services, ranging from shared web hosting plans to online applications. However you use your virtual server, you will have a number of service level objectives you need to meet. Many business owners are not consciously aware of their own service level...
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The Benefits of Managed VPS Hosting Services

Ordering your first virtual private server with a VPS hosting plan is something of an achievement. After all, it means you have made sense of how virtual servers work, the unique advantages of allocated hardware resources, and how a VPS could benefit your web presence. However, many hosting providers offer a range of additional features, and some of these are more abstract. Managed VPS hosting can be used to describe just about any VPS hosting plan that features configuration, administration, and maintenance assistance from your web hosting provider. Not every managed VPS hosting plan is the same, and since several...
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What Is VPS Hosting?

Web hosting can sometimes seem like a very complex topic. For experienced webmasters and novices alike, the sheer quantity of web hosting services available can be intimidating. Of all the different hosting services, the most tangible ones are often the easiest to understand. For example, even though most people will never get to see their dedicated server in person, they can probably imagine how it works – in much the same way as a desktop PC. Equally, the folder structure on a home computer makes it fairly easy to understand the concept of shared web hosting services, where each customer...
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