Leverage Feature-Rich Services and Capabilities with ASP.NET Reseller Hosting

Microsoft ASP.NET is one of the most powerful programming frameworks that allows for seamless development of dynamic web pages and web applications. ASP.NET brings great functionality into web design and development that makes building anything from small, personal websites to large, enterprise-class web applications easier than ever. ASP.NET also offers outstanding support for web developers and programmers, providing component-based, easy-to-use tools to build and deploy scalable applications that can target any browser and any mobile device.

Using ASP.NET web hosting services, web developers, e-commerce website owners, and resellers can utilize a rock solid ASP.NET platform to build a successful online business and achieve a stronger, more profitable web presence. In this article we look at what the ASP.NET framework is and why using ASP.NET is a viable solution for any reseller who wants to be successful with their own reseller hosting business.

What is the ASP.NET framework?

Created by Microsoft, ASP.NET is a proprietary programming environment for speedy application development, cross platform migration, reliability, and security. ASP.NET merges the borders between the Internet, independent web applications, and a wide range of computing devices. The results are customized web-based solutions that allow end users the ability to act on information at a time and place of their choice.

Web applications built by using ASP.NET leverage open standards such as XML, HTTP, and SOAP to interact with other applications and serve content through client machines. ASP.NET is platform and language independent and compatible with a variety of programming languages and operating systems. With its flexibility and enormous capacity for integration, ASP.NET enables developers to build high quality, low cost programs and applications with a broad spectrum of Internet integrated capabilities.

ASP.NET makes building compelling web applications extremely easy. Application features that used to be hard to implement, can now be added with fewer lines of code using the ASP.NET framework. In fact, ASP.NET makes displaying data, uploading files, and validating user input dramatically easier. That is also why ASP.NET is a preferred platform from a business perspective. By utilizing ASP.NET technology and ASP.NET hosting, businesses can integrate their systems more efficiently while enjoying the benefits of accessing the information they need anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Whether you are building a small business website, developing a large corporate web application, or starting a reseller hosting business, the ASP.NET framework gives you all the functionality and features you could possibly need at an affordable cost.

Why use ASP.NET reseller hosting?

ASP.NET reseller hosting is a great choice for anyone who wants to resell ASP.NET hosting services for ASP or ASP.NET powered websites. If you need ASP.NET hosting for personal use to host multiple personal websites and ASP.NET applications, then ASP.NET reseller hosting is an excellent solution for you to optimize your web hosting experience. As an ASP.NET hosting reseller you no longer need to manage your server or deal with server issues. All you have to do is simply promote your ASP.NET reseller hosting services, get potential customers to sign up, receive recurring payments, and leave the rest to the actual web hosting provider.

ASP.NET reseller web hosting offers support for the latest in .NET technologies, allowing your customers the ability to experiment with cutting edge applications. By offering ASP.NET reseller hosting services, you will be able to provide your customers with exceptional support for Visual Studio, Visual Web Developer, Expressions web, and many other Microsoft technologies. With ASP.NET hosting your customers can quickly and easily revamp their websites by uploading fresh content, getting rid of old content, and maintaining content regularly.

Let’s look at the top features and advantages that you will be able to offer your customers with ASP.NET reseller web hosting.

1.      ASP.NET requires significantly less programming to build large web applications and there is built-in Windows authentication and per-application configuration, along with an extremely rich tool box.

2.      ASP.NET is language-independent, allowing customers to choose from a wide range of programming languages for specific implementations of various business logic.

3.      ASP.NET makes it easy to perform common tasks, from simple form submission and client authentication to deployment and site configurations.

4.      All the processes under execution are closely monitored and managed by ASP.NET’s runtime. This helps keep customers’ applications constantly available to handle requests.

There are many other great features and advantages that your customers can benefit from with ASP.NET reseller hosting. ASP.NET reseller hosting provides the most complete and reliable development environment for high demanding web applications. With ASP.NET hosting customers have access to developing powerful information systems that use all the advantages and capabilities of modern computer networks.

New ASP.NET reseller hosting plans featured at Hostek.com

Hostek.com has launched new Windows ASP.NET reseller hosting plans to provide a cost effective and efficient way for resellers to build a successful and profitable web hosting business. The new ASP.NET reseller hosting plans come with generous allowances of space and bandwidth and give you the ability to host unlimited domains. With Hostek.com ASP.NET reseller hosting accounts, resellers can create their own hosting plans, control billing and customer accounts, and manage branding structure.

Hostek.com specializes in ASP.NET web hosting that provides a framework and environment for resellers to work with Classic ASP, ASP.NET 1.1, ASP.NET 2.0, ASP.NET 3.5, and the latest ASP.NET 4.0. All servers at Hostek.com have been installed with the ASP.NET 4.0 framework and as a result, all new ASP.NET reseller hosting plans come with support for ASP.NET 4.0. Also, with the help of Hostek.com’s reseller hosting control panel, you can seamlessly switch between different ASP.NET versions without affecting the performance of your customers’ websites.

Hostek.com combines next-generation technology, top-notch data centers, and expert technical support to create innovative, cutting edge reseller hosting solutions. Our resellers depend on Hostek.com to deliver the best value, reliable, enterprise-class ASP.NET reseller hosting solutions to their customers. From a small personal website to complex e-commerce applications, Hostek.com’s ASP.NET reseller hosting services can be customized and branded to meet the exact requirements of your customers.

Take your reseller hosting business to the next level by upgrading to Hostek.com’s new ASP.NET reseller hosting plans today.

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