Achieving Service Level Objectives with Cloud VPS Hosting

A single server is able to provide several different functions from one convenient location. You may use your virtual private server to host your website, which is used to generate sales, attract new customers, and provide support and assistance to your existing customers. You may also run your own business that uses your VPS hosting plan to provide online services, ranging from shared web hosting plans to online applications. However you use your virtual server, you will have a number of service level objectives you need to meet. Many business owners are not consciously aware of their own service level...
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Is your cPanel Web Hosting Plan Secure?

Beneath the exciting applications and interesting content, your website is made up of data. Data is the most important commodity on the Internet, and for most modern businesses, it is the most valuable asset of all. Unfortunately, data is irreplaceable. If your mission-critical data is lost or damaged, the financial implications can be significant. If any of this data contains personal information about your customers, the damage to customer confidence can be even more severe. It is your job to keep your web hosting account secured and protected at all times if your business is to succeed. However, this does...
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