Simplify ColdFusion Application Development with a Quality Railo Hosting Provider

The ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML) is well known for the ease of use and gentle learning curve, which make it an excellent choice for novice programmers looking to get into web development. At the same time, because CFML is remarkably powerful and efficient, so many seasoned professionals prefer it to other scripting languages for building immersive websites and applications. One of the most popular compilers for CFML is Railo, which owes its wide use to the fact that it is open source and in many cases faster than Adobe’s own ColdFusion compiler. Currently at version 3.2, Railo integrates well with...
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Build Rich Dynamic Websites with ASP.NET 4 hosting and the powerful ASP.NET 4 MVC 3 Framework

The days of static online presences are long gone. Today’s discerning Internet users demand high-quality interactive websites and applications. Many modern web presences are almost entirely dynamic, relying on server-side scripting languages such as ASP.NET 4.0 or PHP to deliver information stored in databases. Examples of highly-interactive, dynamically generated applications include online stores, social networks, online productivity suites, and sites that rely on user-generated content, such as YouTube or Flickr. However, almost every new website launched features some form of interactivity, even if it’s just a comment section. One of the most popular development frameworks for developing interaction-rich websites and...
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