Features You Should Look for in a Windows Hosting Plan

Many people who begin hosting their own blogs or business websites choose a Windows hosting solution because of the lower level of technical expertise required to interact with a Windows web hosting server. Windows is the operating system installed on the majority of the world’s PCs, so most people are at least familiar with the look and feel of Windows and know how to install applications or to administer a Windows machine. Windows hosting plans are the best choice for beginners, but this does not mean that Windows servers lack the power and stability required to run high-profile websites or...
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Put your Business on Autopilot with ColdFusion Reseller Hosting Automation Tools

ColdFusion reseller hosting provides a lucrative business opportunity for entrepreneurs interested in making an entry in the multi-billion dollar hosting industry, a business that is likely to keep growing as more and more websites are created and require hosting services. With reseller hosting, new companies can acquire a turn-key, inexpensive hosting solution which they can offer to their customers and begin making a profit with a minimal investment. In addition to new web hosting companies, web development or web design companies are another category of businesses that can offer hosting solutions as an additional service complementing their current service line-up....
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