Consider Linux for a Secure, Stable and Successful Reseller Hosting Business

Linux is a popular non-proprietary, open source operating system and many companies, web developers, and Internet savvy individuals are interested in running their reseller hosting business using the Linux web hosting platform. Linux offers speed, performance, flexibility, reliability and stability that rivals that of commercial operating systems that typically cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. Extremely powerful and feature-rich, Linux contains everything you need to enter a highly lucrative web hosting market and succeed as a web hosting reseller. Why is Linux web hosting so popular? Much of Linux’s popularity is due to its open source nature and the fact...
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Utilize the power of Windows Hosting Solutions for a Successful Reseller Hosting Business

The popularity of the Windows hosting platform makes Windows reseller hosting a perfect solution for anyone looking to start their own web hosting business and earn extra income by offering hosting services to their own clients. Designed to allow you to host multiple websites and have full control over your clients’ accounts, Windows reseller hosting is an outstanding value for your money and comes with a great mix of tools, features, and resources. With minimum investment, you will be able to use an impressive set of features and ample resources included in Windows reseller web hosting plans to build a successful web...
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