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VPS/Virtual Servers

  • VPS

    When should a VPS be used? In most cases a VPS is useful for these three primary reasons, flexibility, isolation, performance. A VPS gives full server control - flexibility. A VPS gives isolation to your application, prevent other customers from affecting your site. With the higher level VPS plans, performance will be equal to or better than a shared environment. Additionally, added caching and other performance options are available on a VPS.

    How many sites can I have on the VPS? The number of sites is up to you, and depends on the server resources.
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  • Linux VPS

  • Lucee VPS

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  • SmarterMail VPS

Reseller Hosting

  • What is Reseller Hosting

    Reseller Hosting is when you are providing hosting services (free or paid) for others, via We provide white label reseller hosting so that your customer does not see the Hostek brand. The Reseller packages are also well suited for designers and developers.

    With our Windows Reseller and ColdFusion (Windows based) Reseller packages, you can custom brand the control panel to have your own logo and branding.
  • ColdFusion Reseller

    Our ColdFusion Reseller package defaults to allowing 5 domains to be hosted. Simply add additional domains via the control panel and your billing will be automatically adjusted. The more domains you add, the less you pay per domain.

  • cPanel Reseller

    With our cPanel Reseller Hosting, you get full WHM access and unlimited cPanel accounts.
  • Windows Reseller

    With our Windows Reseller package, you can fully brand the control panel with your own logo, etc.

    We do have 2 types of Windows Reseller packages. The most popular is what is listed on the site. The other is similar to the way the ColdFusion Reseller works. Actually, you would select the ColdFusion on Windows for that option, which gives larger mail and database space allowances per domain.
  • Reseller FAQ's


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