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Find a Secure Home for your ColdFusion Application at

With an ever-growing number of websites falling under the attacks of hackers, security is a major concern for any webmaster. Despite millions being spent on security solutions and the fight against cybercrime, web administrators and developers are still facing the menacing perspective of losing private data to hackers or worse, losing control over the web application itself. Best programming practices call for developers and software architects to design and write code that has built-in protection against malware and outside intrusion. However, as real life shows us, secure coding is not always enough to protect a website or web application from...
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The Importance of Choosing a Quality ColdFusion Dedicated Hosting Solution

ColdFusion (CF) is a popular rapid application development platform that lets programmers create rich dynamic websites quickly and relatively easily. According to Adobe, the company that developed ColdFusion, the ColdFusion platform and the programming language with the same name are used by over 800,000 developers around the world. The applications of ColdFusion are numerous and diverse. Basically, any project that requires interactivity and dynamic content can be built from scratch using the ColdFusion platform and programming language. The quality of a web application or dynamic web site depends in great extent on the quality of the web server that hosts...
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Build your Own Brand with a Windows Hosting Reseller Solution from

One of the most important assets of a company is the image it conveys to the market and to the public. In the highly competitive web based economy, corporate identity plays an essential role in the evolution of a company by attracting new clients and helping maintain the existing customer base. With multi-million dollar budgets being spent on marketing each year, it is easy to think that small companies or fresh startups do not have a chance against big name competitors. Nevertheless, the web hosting industry provides many lucrative business opportunities for the savvy entrepreneur, and it is not necessary...
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