Jon Cavanaugh

Jon is the Principle Cloud/VPS Solution Engineer and most times you'll find him presenting solutions to new and existing clients. He also blogs, helps with growth strategy and works with the support team to make customers happy.

Ethical Web Development

Inspired by a recent post from Anselm Hannemann this week we decided to share this link to Ethical Web Development. Hahnemann makes a great point. While most website and apps don’t manage life and death responsibilities some do. He said: And that’s why I think we should feel responsible for our users. And by making choices that are ethical and user-centered, we create a better web for everyone. See The point is not to pay special attention to development at these critical levels. Instead standardize the approach to web-development all together. So that websites or apps are created with...
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How To Buy VPS Hosting Without Losing Your Mind

You want to buy vps hosting but not sure how to compare plans from one company to another. You are not alone. To be successful takes just a few simple rules. If followed you will buy vps hosting that fits properly. Can I Buy VPS Hosting Based On Comparing Resources? There’s dozens of metrics to compare like RAM, DISK, CPU, GHz, I/O, Bandwidth, Transfer, Connections, Page Views and so on. Some companies have their own way to define the “size” of a customer.  If you’re evaluating, don’t only consider these numbers. Ask deeper questions. You might uncover ways to save time or money (like not...
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We Reviewed Perch CMS And Love It

When designing a new site most need a CMS. We write a lot about WordPress because it’s the most popular. There are some other AWESOME CMS options out there. We’ve tried & supported many. Perch CMS being one of them, we really like. If you search the phrase “best CMS” you’ll receive over 2.4 million results. Stuff And Nonsense a well known agency uses Perch, we found that interesting. Stuff And Nonsense doesn’t normally develop, but on occasion they’ll put their amazing designs on a CMS. Most of the times they choose Perch CMS the “really little CMS”. You can read why other people choose...
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10 Ways To Make WordPress Faster

You can make WordPress faster and there are some good reasons to. We can’t overstate the importance of speedy websites – we recently shared on improving website speed, and well kept webpages. Here’s some interesting stats about time impact of slow web pages: Microsoft Found “A two second delay in response time for Bing, reduced user satisfaction by 3.8%, resulted in 4.3% less revenue per user.” A Report By LoadStorm Confirms One second delay in your website load time means 7% less conversions, 11% fewer page views and 16% decrease in customer satisfaction. & Google counts poor performance against you....
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