Jon Cavanaugh

Jon is the Principle Cloud/VPS Solution Engineer and most times you'll find him presenting solutions to new and existing clients. He also blogs, helps with growth strategy and works with the support team to make customers happy.

3 steps to prepare for a pain-free hosting migration.

It happens to everyone, but occasionally the disaster is huge; loss of data. The most vivid memory of a customers files being lost includes a large photography firm. Their outsourced developer had gone bankrupt and left them with custom built code that required a desktop application to upload new photos for selling on their website. They had contacted us to do the hosting migration for them, because the developers server would be turned off shortly. The first step should always be to document everything that should be moved. Step 1 – Collect information: Domains – Domain names, path (for dedicated...
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The Best Hosting Support Ever

Even since the very beginning of my employee training at Hostek I’ve come to appreciate areas where we are consistent. Today by working with customers that have various needs I’ll interact with a gamut of departments within Hostek. Together we build the perfect solution for them and do our best to provide great hosting support from the start. On average 40% of potential new clients I work with specifically ask about how hosting support is handled and a large portion of these are asking because they received bad hosting support from their previous host. The good news is that some are asking just to...
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3 Highly Effective Customer Solutions – Streamline, Security, Load Balancing

Ever felt the need to have expert help in planning hosting success? We speak with many customers with various needs. Our approach is to first find out where the customers expectations are. They may be open for a completely new solution, that’s a huge plus. Their flexibility enables us to do what we do best. Create a solution with the added benefits of high-availability virtualization and even cost savings. One of our strengths in helping customers is the ability to adapt to their needs. These are real customer examples, for privacy we’ve changed the names. As we work with any new customer it’s...
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SAN Storage – It’s what makes cloud hosting ROCK SOLID..

Over the years at Hostek, we have tested different server and storage options. Our earliest hosting was powered by custom built servers. In the beginning this was an economical option for us. Within a few years and after hundreds of hours laboring to restore files due to failed hard drives and components we decided to use Dell servers and never looked back. Having Dell servers almost eliminated the problematic issues we had with custom-built servers. Having better servers was not good enough so over the next 2-3 years we tested many complementary products, such as EMC appliances and Opensource SAN...
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