Customer Testimonials

Morris F. Jun 13, 2010

I've been in the computer business since 1981. I project managed Intels foray into web hosting. Your support turnaround, lack of really dumb questions in response to tickets and so on, well you're all just a class act and it's what all your competitors ought to be aiming for. Been with you a year or so now and every time we've needed assistance I've got a response before my next birthday that dealt with my issue, first time, every time.

Jesse C. Jul 4, 2008

Hey you guys are awesome. Thank you so much Brian, just amazing how one misplaced line of code can hold a whole person up. Needless to say I am cheesing right now. Thanks for taking the "Time" and "Wanting" to find the problem and resolve it, Your findings and fixing the problems for me has made me respectful to you and your team and please let them know that. I am very happy I came on board because no other company would really help me. It really wasn't hard to fix and I have learned something. You didn't let me give up and I would recommend others to your site.

Staci C. Sep 11, 2008

I love you guys! I've tried many web hosts over the years and you guys are in a league of your own. The support is phenomenal. I ALWAYS get a ridiculously quick response to absolutely any questions or concerns I have (which are rare). Your support staff is always helpful and will go above and beyond without a hint of aggravation. Thank you for your fantastic service and for offering your hosting plans at incredibly affordable prices. Thank you so much!

Brian B. Oct 5, 2008

Hosting has been reliable and when there are issues, there's always been fast response. Your service is hard to beat! Over the past year I registered 3 new sites and have not been dissappointed! I'm notified in person via email AND phone call when domains are up for renewal which is greatly appreciated!! Service is exceptional and I would highly recommend to anyone looking for hosting. The monthly hosting fee is cheap; the service is priceless!

Anthony Nov 12, 2007

I must say, I have been developing sites since 1996 and I have been through ALOT of web hosts in that time. And, after only 1 day with you, I can already see your staff not only offers intelligent, prompt service, you actually care and take action.... wow, just wow... Every positive word in your testimonials is true. Thanks so much.

Al R. Nov 8, 2007

Wow, you guys just saved my life! I can't even imagine how long it would have taken me to setup that database again. Your support, and your services all around, are by far the best! Add to that you upgraded to ColdFusion 8 almost instantly, and I can't think of anything you don't offer that I could ever need! Keep up the good work.

Tom Romeo Sept 28, 2007

I've said it before, I'm saying it again. You guys are the best! I've dealt with other hosting companies so I can compare. Your tech support is prompt, courteous, and thorough.

Lee Besing July 11, 2007

[I] was just reading your testimonial page, and based on our experience over the past few months as we moved almost all of our web sites over to you (more coming soon), most of those statements were truly "Under stated" rather than exaggerations. We've had ZERO complaints about your service, and hundreds of reasons to complement you. Your name is definitely on our Christmas list of good vendors.


I run a web development company and deal with many web hosts and you are by far the best I've used. The service itself is super, but what sets you apart is the support team. I can't say enough about them. They are professional, responsive and knowledgeable--this is what makes the difference between web hosting and good web hosting.

Pat D.

I have never had such great and fast support from any other service provider! Each time I placed a support ticket, it was resolved in a flash! I am actively advertising your server to every one I talk to who is looking for a hosting service!


You have already in 1 week outdone any other hosting company I've ever used. Companies today use the word "solutions" as a marketing tool and through the years the meaning has been forgotten. You guys are definitely showing the true meaning of it. I just want others to know that there is still a company with values.


I would like to tell you that I have been with 7 hosting companies and this one is by far the greatest. When our site gets big, we will definately remember you. I would also like to show my gratitude by putting on a banner at no charge for your company. I own 7 other sites and plan to move each of them to you.


My webmaster says that you guys are the most considerate, polite, and helpful people he has ever worked with. Hats off to you!


You guys never cease to amaze me at how great your customer service is. Keep up the good work, this is what a hosting company SHOULD be!


So far your service has showed by far the best tech support of the 3 hosting companies I've tried. I'm really happy with it.


You all are fast! One more reason that I will refer all my friends to you!!!


I've referred people to you. I have never been more confident in referring anyone to any other service.


Thanks for the follow-up to check back with me. I work as a help desk engineer... and this is the kind of support every support orginization should strive for. This is the kind of support that will make me keep my site with you for years to come.


Once again i am soooooo happy with the fast service and great response time your company has. I am so glad I was lucky enough to choose a webhost that is so committed to their customers. It's definately a nice thing to have a friend on the web. thanks again for everything and keep up the good work! you guys are the best!


This is the first time I have set up a site that wasn't hosted by Geocities... AND WHAT A DIFFERENCE!. My site went up correctly, the first time. Your e-mail responses are lightning fast and you always answer my question right the first time. You have a customer for life!


You guys are so fast! I am going to recomend you to everyone I meet that needs a host, you rule!


Thanks for the swift and nice reply. Best support I have ever encountered. With my previous host, I was used to having to sometimes wait days to get questions answered and problems resolved. This is wonderful.


I want to let you know that I have found your support staff to be very helpful during the setup of this site. I've been very impressed with your response times and quality of information. I've worked with many so-called "support staffs" over the last 5 years and have been (to be kind) not impressed with nearly all of them. Your effort to truly provide service is very appreciated - I wish the rest of the ISPs were half as helpful as you and your staff has been


I've been very impressed with the services you have provided me with so far. As far as I know, my e-mail or web hosting has not gone down at all since I signed up. I want to commend you on the job you all are doing and thank you for running a first-rate hosting service.


Thank you so much for always returning my emails promptly. I have used 3 different ISP's for my website and never have I had such prompt service to emails.


Your company's customer service and support is 100 times better than my last hosting company. You guys Rock! Thanks.


I can't believe it... I am still in shock it started about 2 days ago I needed a host. I looked around and nearly signed up to WiredHosting then I found your site in a search, all the features you had made me think it was a load a bull so I clicked on the online chat and chatted with a very nice guy. I took about 30 Minutes of his time but he explained it all and I was happy to sign up. I read all the other peoples responses to your site and thought it might just be the good sections cut out and the bad ones hidden but I was wrong... Today I sent a support email. By the time I had checked for a response it was completed. No joke - about a 2-3 minutes turn around....!!! ALL I CAN SAY IS KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT SERVICE AND I AM VERY IMPRESSED! If I can convert anyone over I will....


Man, if you guys were any quicker you'd be reading my mind and making changes before I could even ask!


Thanks a lot, you guys are the best host I've ever had!!!!! (and I've been through 7 now in less than four years!!!!)

B.W. (reseller)

Hey... I must say, if this kind of service keeps up, I wont know how to cope... I am used to having to beg, remind, beg some more - the whole 9 yards. Thanks!!!


Thanks for being there when I need help. I would say that's what I like most about you. It's not so much the package and the price, that's good too, but its the service and support that really makes you guys great!


Are you a real person or a robot? It amazes me how quick you people respond to needs of your customers. I have never received better service. Glad to know you never sleep. Thanks again.




I want to say now that I have been extremely pleased with your high level of service so far in only a week or so, you have already exceeded my last hosts level of CS (customer service/support). I will be transferring my other 2 domains to you.


I believe with out a doubt this is the best web hosting company I have ever used. You are very nice, courteous, and go out of your way to help people out. Keep up the good work.


I will definately send people your way. For the price and service that you guys offer, you have the best deal going.

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