Christian Hosting

Our christian hosting plans can be reviewed by clicking the link referenced in this sentence.

Who is Christian Hosting for?

  • Churches
  • Church Youth Groups
  • Missionaries
  • Non-profit Ministries
  • Christian Schools

What do you get?

  • Your own domain (i.e.,
  • Personalized email like
  • Everything the selected web hosting plan includes

So what does this cost?

With plans starting as low at $39.99/year, you can't afford to not have your site hosted in a world class hosting environment.

Funding idea!

Here's an idea on how to get your domain without affecting the budget. Talk with a business owner in the church or some business owner you know and see if they will sponsor your web site. In return you can offer to put a banner advertising their business on your web site. What business owner that has a product or service to offer viewers would not be willing to spend $39.99* per year to advertise on your web site.    *NOTE: Domain registration fees are not included in this total.

Also, once your account is activated, you will automatically be able to take advantage of our affiliate program by referring others to Each time receives a new customer you referred to us via your affiliate link, you will earn a commission on that referral. In a very short time, you could have your website for free, simply by telling others about's great web hosting value.

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